Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Noisey & Federal Prism Present: Chuck Inglish & Sir Michael Rocks - "Swervin'" (The Cool Kids?)

Noisey premiered Chuck Inglish's new Federal Prism single, "Swervin'" late Tuesday afternoon, which features a semi-reunion with his former Cool Kids band mate Sir Michael Rocks (FKA Mikey Rocks). Likely the first single from his upcoming Convertibles album, "Swervin'" marks The Cool Kids' first recorded appearance on wax since about 2011. Mikey Rocks randomly mentioned what sounds like a fairly amicable split win a Dec. 2012 AllHipHop interview: "You break us up, we're still going to turn out nice as f*ck separately, and when we come together, we transition that energy into making a dope record. Right now, man, I think we just need to be focusing on blowing up... We might come together as something else different. But as The Cool Kids, no, because we're not the same people, we've changed and evolved into two different artists."

More or less, part 2 in Chuck Inglish's auto-themed series that started with Droptops EP, Convertibles is rumored to feature production/guitar work from Mike Einzinger (Incubus) and cold hard rhymes from Big Boi, Jonwayne, Asher Roth, Scoop DeVille, and more seemingly unlikely collaborators; Dave Sitek's new label imprint, Federal Prism plans to release Convertibles in the fall, partnering with Inglish's own home-grown label [and party platform], Sounds Like Fun. While it's still a pretty unofficial Cool Kids track, "Swervin'" harkens back to Chuck & Mikey's earliest Golden Era Hip-Hop-tinged material: "Black Mags," "Gold and a Pager," "Mikey Rocks," "88," and "What It Iz." Sir Michael Rocks is currently finishing up a long-rumored new project, BANCO EP and Chuck Inglish is hopefully working on a record with buddies Jonwayne & Scoop DeVille (Digital Diamonds), in addition to Convertibles.

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