Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Action Bronson Presents: Party Supplies - "Security" & "Working Out" (The Fat Jew)

When functioning as Action Bronson's Soft-Rock-flipping power-producer, "Party Supplies" is the one-man moniker of Brookyln-bred own Justin Nealis. But Nealis recently started working with multi-instrumentalist buddy Sean Mahon and together, they created post-Blue Chips 2 masterpiece, Tough Love (Fool's Gold). After a few minor technical difficulties over the weekend, @xpartysuppliesx Tweeted "as a band, sean and I have always wanted to write a song like this, so we did" mid-Monday afternoon, along with a still video/download link to Security;" a track that he further describes as 2014 Steve Miller Band and #motown, which was created using a sunburst Fender Telecaster seemingly given to him by frequent collaborator Action Bronson & The Alchemist. "Security" isn't exactly Hip-Hop, more along the lines a shimmery Island-tinged Pop-Rock jam... But it's perfect music for a chilly winter day like today, where most of the East Coast is enduring single digits temperatures or colder, BRRR! Just mere hours after unleashing "Security," which I'm unsure will eventually end up re-appearing, Party Supplies uploaded a BRAND NEW video for Tough Love album cut, "Working Out." Directed by Sebastian Bear-McClard, Adult Swim web-producer Nick Gallo (@NickyBalls ha), and starring the one and only Fat Jew; Fool's Gold goes on to describe "Working Out" as "a gleefully obscene epic about life, love, and jail that somehow finds emotional truth in absurd, wildly immature toilet humor [NSFW]. You'll get a little verklempt." Fool's Gold dually notes that they plan to re-release Party Supplies critically-acclaimed debut Tough Love on CD and vinyl with bonus remixes from The Knocks, Lazerdisk, and more this upcoming spring.

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