Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Come as You Are: Homeboy Sandman & Blu - "Atlantis" (Stones Throw)

Not even counting his seemingly endless pre-Stones Throw material, veteran emcee Homeboy Sandman has released one album, First of a Living Breed, and about four EP's with the documentary-wielding Indie Hip-Hop label since inking a deal in 2011; most recently having concocted a Jaylib-style collaborative EP with Stones Throw affiliated producer Paul White, ingeniously titled White Sands. According to Stones Throw, Homeboy Sandman's latest track, "Atlantis" is "one of a few dozen new tracks Sand's been working on this year. Expect to hear the best of them in a new full length album set for Fall 2014 - title, producers and track list TBA." It's single cover is essentially laid out to mimic Nirvana's iconic Nevermind album artwork and the track itself was produced by insanely prolific rising West Coast rapper-producer Blu. Comfortably nestled atop a jittery off-kilter beat, Homeboy Sandman ferociously raps, "I'd rather live under the sea," of course referring to the infamous lost city... a clever non-sequitur that's further fleshed out to include: "as far as I can see, it's not gon do. I'd rather live under the sea. That's what I'm gon do." While it's largely unclear who exactly has submitted beats for possible inclusion on Homeboy Sandman's forthcoming album, judging by his recent propensity to work with one producer per project, it would really be awesome if he just recruited artists from across Stones Throw's broad genre-blending roster; a little Jonwayne, Dam-Funk, Madlib, The Stepkids, Vex Ruffin, James Pants, some dusted off J Dilla beats, etc. Stones Throw strongly suggests that "if you [still] haven't seen the man's live show, don't miss out. He's touring the midwest & east coast states all through June."

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