Wednesday, June 18, 2014

We Can Make This Better... or Not: Busdriver, Aesop Rock & Danny Brown - "Ego Death" (Big Dada)

For his latest single, "Ego Death" LA-based rapper-producer Busdriver has essentially assembled an all-star team of Underground Hip-Hop MVP's; Busdriver, Aesop Rock & Danny Brown spit hot fire in succession over the course of Stones Throw affiliate Jeremiah Jae's nearly 6-minute neck-snapping beat. While hailing from three separate corners of the Underground Hip-Hop spectrum, the three veteran emcees surprisingly mesh very well together (I believe Busdriver & Aesop have rapped together before). "Yeah, no... I understand what you're saying. But is is sexier than torture?" opens Jae's slightly off-kilter beat, which features multi-layered lines like: "And downtime is never met with an overjoyed grin / cause sleep and death have always been conjoined twins," "He shoots the whores, truly stupid troubadours," and Danny Brown's fairly sound assertion that he's the "Rap Marilyn Manson." It's our first preview from Busdriver's upcoming tenth album, Perfect Hair, which will see a post-summer release on September 9th and will likely feature appearances from Rock, Brown, Open Mike Eagle, Pegasus Warning, Mono/Poly, Kenny Segal, and plenty more Hellfyre Club affiliates. Big Dada Recordings' accompanying press release eloquently describes Perfect Hair's overall tone as, "The album vibrates, oscillating between journalistic extremes du jour, occupying a space few have let rap extend to. It is neither cheerful nor depressing, beyond those qualifiers. The rapper, having moved past the limited authority of rejection or ostracization, has arrived at a truth... The pieces, parts, sinews, synapses, synopses, passions, thrusts, and bits burst outward and realign of their own tremendous gravity. It is on this album that an OG announces his presence."

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