Thursday, June 12, 2014

the powers that b: Death Grips & Björk - n**gas on the moon EP1 (Third Worlds Records)

"this is "n**gas on the moon," featuring björk on all 8 tracks. it is the first installment of our new double album, "the powers that b," due out later this year on Harvest/Third Worlds Records. the second disc is titled "jenny death,"' Death Grips wrote along with eight newly-released YouTube audio streams uploaded on Sunday around 12 midnight. While little else is known about n**gas on the moon, a couple days later, Björk did in fact confirm that she appears on the mini-album and that she's thrilled to be Death Grips' latest "found object," which I'd assume would basically mean that they used chopped and sampled vocal fragments. It's their third consecutive album meticulously "leaked" online in such a manner; n**gas on the moon was preceded by their November free album Government Plates and infamous Epic Records contract-infringing dick pic album, No Love Deep Web. Björk's nearly unmistakeable, oftentimes high-pitched wail has been reduced to a jittery almost Tribal sounding stutter, which when grafted against Death Grips' aggressive Noise-Rap, actually sounds a lot like M.I.A.'s unique brand of world music-blending Hip-Hop. It's not exactly the first time Death Grips & Björk have worked together, since they previously produced two remixes as part of her Biophilia Remix Series, namely "Sacrifice" and "Thunderbolt." Unfortunately Robert Pattinson and Colin Hanks probably aren't involved whatsoever, but I wonder if the powers that b is in any way attached to drummer Zach Hill's long-rumored short film, which was supposed to feature a soundtrack collectively assembled by Death Grips; in any event, their fourth 2-disc album the powers that b is tentatively slated for a release this upcoming Fall on the band's own Third Worlds Records imprint in conjunction with Harvest/Caroline Records.

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