Friday, June 20, 2014

Stones Throw Presents: The Stepkids - "Wanderers EP" (Troubadour left-overs)

What we have here are essentially three newly un-vaulted Troubadour era non-album Stepkids tracks; Stones Throw quietly uploaded their Wanderers EP to it's label website and companion Soundcloud page this past Tuesday, June 17th. "The songs in this collection are different than anything else we've done. We wrote and recorded them at the height of our experimentation," The Stepkids quipped on the free-form nature of their latest mini-EP. "We spared no artistry and weren't limited to any business strategy, a target audience, single considerations, or [style] limitations... In other words, for better or worse, you will never again hear anything like this from us, let alone anyone else. Enjoy," bandmates Jeff Gitelman, Dan Edinberg & Tim Walsh collectively continued. The Wanderers EP standard download zip-file comes complete with three previously unreleased carelessly noodling Psych-Rock tracks and six variations of it's largely black-and-white cover image, while an upgraded 6-track package (with instrumentals) is available for just $4.99. It can be assumed that The Stepkids are currently working on their third album, but Stones Throw has yet to make any form of official "album progress" announcement.

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