Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Stereogum Presents: You Blew It! - "Surf Wax America" (Topshelf Records)

"Well shit. Since @stereogum posted the You Blue It pre-order, the [first] 100 sold out. Looks like the others might too," You Blew It! Tweeted Tuesday afternoon upon the release of "Surf Wax America" premiered by the good people over at Stereogum; whether it was intentional or not, the Florida-based Emo revival band will unleash their You Blue It covers EP on the 20-year anniversary of Weezer aka "The Blue Album" and have seemingly already gained the backing of Indie Rock blogs and fans alike. Although I was only seven when it came out, Weezer was always one of my favorite bands and quite honestly, The Blue Album and Maladroit are amongst my "desert island" albums. I forget where, but I once read that frontman Rivers Cuomo made a 3-ring binder of chart-topping Pop songs, breaking down their various characteristics, and essentially cracked the code of what makes a hit song; his meticulous sonic research surely paid off because nearly every song on The Blue Album, be it an official single or not, was more or less a radio hit. "We chose "Surf Wax" because it's a really great song, plain and simple. We didn't want to do singles from the record, and luckily "Surf Wax" is one of those cuts that could have held its own as one, but seemed untouched enough to allow a fresh perspective on it," frontman Tanner Jones lamented to Stereogum as to why the band ultimately decided to record the track. "Not that we or any other band could, but we really didn't want to try and out-do Weezer. Our goal was to add our touch to [The Blue Album], but first and foremost, we wanted pay tribute to the songs themselves in the most respectful way possible. "Surf Wax" is a great example of that I think," he continued. Their cleverly-titled You Blue It EP will see a digital release on July 15th, followed by a 10-inch vinyl available on August 12th (currently available for pre-order in both formats). Topshelf Records pressed up around 1,000 special multi-colored copies of You Blue It: "100 cyan / royal blue half and half with white splatter, 250 cyan blue, 250 half white / half cyan blue, and 400 cyan blue / white." I ordered mine yesterday afternoon and I believe I got one from the 250 cyan blue batch... so, get 'em while they're hot!

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