Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Action Bronson, Mark Ronson & The Black Keys Frontman Dan Auerbach Reinvigorate Fabled Genre-blending Jericho EP Sessions with "Standing In The Rain" (Suicide Squad Soundtrack)

“We went out to LA with [Action Bronson] last month—me, him, Alchemist, and Sean [Mahon] recorded an entire EP of material under the name Jericho. Jericho may be a project that we drop, that’s really under-the-table, no one knows about that yet. Jericho may just be like a multi-genre, no label EP that may cross genres from Hip-Hop to Electro to 80's Pop. We may bridge the gap with that actually, because some of the stuff we recorded for that, one of the songs sounds like a late 80's Smokey Robinson record and sh*t. And then, there’s some Surf Rock on there that sounds like The Beach Boys and Bronson’s rhyming on it," Party Supplies multi-instrumentalist Justin Nealis revealed to HipHopDX way back in January 2014. Nealis, at the time, proclaimed that he aspired to be "like The Black Keys; they blew up in Rock and had a few Rock records out and then, they went on and used that leverage to call up Raekwon on that BlakRoc sh*t." Party Supplies handled production on frequent collaborator and self-proclaimed "America's #1 Rap Singer" Action Bronson's Blue Chips 1-2 mixtapes, as well as the majority of his VICE Records debut, Mr. Wonderful—essentially, doing exactly the opposite of what The Black Keys did around 2008-09, prior to their critically-acclaimed 2010 breakout album, Brothers. Not only has chef turned sharp-tongued emcee Bronson quickly risen to become one of Hip-Hop's most talented wordsmiths, he's garnered wide-spread acclaimed for his... not one, but two VICELAND network shows: F*ck, That's Delicious and recently-launched Ancient Aliens with Action Bronson & Friends.

Action Bronson's latest non-Blue Chips 7,000 endeavor, "Standing In The Rain," be it a left-over from those fabled and indefinitely shelved Jericho EP sessions, was recorded along with Black Keys and The Arcs frontman Dan Auerbach and revered Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, and Bruno Mars super-producer Mark Ronson. "I just couldn't believe that Dan [Auerbach], like, was just so cool and was like, 'do you mind singing this old Oran "Juice" Jones song that you've never heard?' But when I finally got it back, I was like, 'this is cool,'" Ronson ecstatically told Beats 1 Radio DJ Zane Lowe Tuesday afternoon, upon "Standing In The Rain"'s triumphant Apple Music world premier. It sounds as though Bronson & Ronson's Dan Auerbach-assisted hybrid Hip-Hop/Blues-Rock fusion track was partially recorded during the sessions for both Mr. Wonderful and "Uptown Funk"-birthing Uptown Special with "the boys from Brooklyn that play on all [Ronson's] records" (presumably his Daptone Records players). Lowe's wonderfully described "motley crew of geniuses'" Oran "Juice" Jones-sampling composition was resurrected for DC's anti-hero blockbuster, Suicide Squad, which will hit theatres this upcoming Friday, August 5th along with its star-studded companion soundtrack. Action Bronson & Mark Ronson previously collaborated on Mr. Wonderful's "Baby Blue," Billy Joel-sampling "Brand New Car," and a remix of chart-topping hit, "Uptown Funk;" Dan Auerbach, along with his long-time Black Keys band mate Patrick Carney, previously recorded aforementioned emcee-assisted BlakRoc (2009), as well as RZA's The Man with The Iron Fists-housed "The Baddest Man Alive," and Freddie Gibbs' Pulled Over By The Cops posse cut, "Oil Money." Let's seriously hope "Standing In The Rain" isn't merely the first genre-blending fruit of Bronson, Ronson, and Auerbach's labors!!!

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