Monday, August 29, 2016

Blu & Fa†e Instruct Hip-Hop Heads to Open Their Optics to Optimism On Long-awaited Versis & Dolphin-assisted Single, "Otionography" (EveryDejaVu)

"Yeah, we had worked multiple times in the past on some of my projects and other songs that never gotten released. We had just finished working on the original "Cosmophobia" on a project I did with a guy named Arella Rocket (we have a continuation of that song, "Cosmophobia (Revisited)" on this project). He really dug the vibe and type of instrumental, so we talked about a doing and project and here we are now," Blu collaborator Fa†e recently told The Witzard within an exclusive emailed statement; Fa†e had previously hand-crafted productions for Blu including "The Last Stop," "Summer/Winter," "3 Feet Higher," an unofficial "The Clean Hand" Remix, and the aforementioned "Cosmophobia." Fa†e seemingly alluded to the project, then titled Blu & Fa†e Present: Open Your Optics to Optimism, as early as February 2016 during a published interview with San Diego CityBeat. Blu's proper follow-up to his latest Nottz-produced Titans In The Flesh EP will arrive this upcoming September 28th and is currently available for pre-order on EveryDejaVu's own Bandcamp page in a wide array of digital, 12-inch vinyl, T-shirt, and cassette bundles.

"I sent [Blu] a bunch of beats in the same style, and we started creating. It was a very fluid and creative process; we took our time with it and are very happy with the results. It's been more than a year in-the-works and we're just excited for everyone to hear [Open Your Optics to Optimism] in full," Fa†e commented on his recent collaborative works with Blu, a plentiful working relationship which loosely dates as far back as his self-described "ambient chillwave dusty hip-hop" album The Night Bus Home (2013). "On Open Your Optics to Optimism, LA's Blu and producer Fa†e buckle into a DeLorean, cruising back to a time before time in order that they might gain the knowledge necessary to exude such a genuine optimism. Blu outlines Earth's history and then dives within it... culminating in a personal transcendence outside both space and time," Blu & Fa†e continued within a statement released to EveryDejaVu. Their first proper preview lifted from Open Your Optics to Optimism, "Otionography" showcases additional rhymes penned by fellow LA emcee Versis and a silky smooth "we are water by nature, so our physical came to be" hook crooned by Dolphin, all of which is expertly inter-woven through a glitched-out Electronic-tinged Fa†e beat.

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