Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Roots Affiliate Sugar Tongue Slim, Butta-N-Bizkit & DJ Schoolie V Are Ready to Put The "Fun" Back In Funk with "On The Floor"-featuring Let's Make Some Music EP (self-released)

Los Angeles by way of Philly Hip-Hop group NAC (formerly The NAC) have previously written, produced, and recorded music alongside the likes of The Roots, RJD2, John Legend & Ludacis, Ciara, Miguel, TLC, The Money-Makin' Jam Boys, and Ne-Yo; NAC "is musically, somewhere [in] between Hip-Hop, Electronic Soul, and good time Southern Crunk" and consists of Roots-affiliated emcee Sugar Tongue Slim (STS) and producers-musicians Butta, Bizkit, and DJ Schoolie V. NAC's self-released 7-track debut EP, Let's Make Some Music, was unleashed upon the unsuspecting world this past Friday, August 5th and was preceded by dance floor-ready singles "I Ain't Got It," "On The Floor," and Mass Appeal-premiered "Flashlight." When asked, what's your main mission aimed at newfound fans with your Let's Make Some Music EP? NAC members Bizkit, STS, and Butta respectively replied: "NAC is here to bring the fun and the Funk to the game!.. We are HERe to introduce ourselves to the world—it's just the beginning... We are here to make ya dance." If you like what you've heard so far, and how could anyone with a pulse NOT find "On The Floor" utterly infectious, head on over to HipHopDX or The NAC's own personal Soundcloud page to download a complimentary copy of Let's Make Some Music EP; with that said, if you would like to learn a little bit more about the inter-workings of the band, click right here to read a brief, yet comprehensive 5-question interview I conducted with NAC on the heels of "I Ain't Got It." It wouldn't hurt to keep a close eye and ear on @nac4music's various social media handles in the coming weeks, as I've been told we can expect "some really cool" Let's Make Some Music EP Remixes including an array of unnamed special guests, a few more music videos, and a schedule of shows to tentatively take place within the next couple months!

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