Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Mobbs Announce Fourth Album PIFFLE!, 24/09/2016 Northampton Release Show & "Pale & Interesting" Beer (Dirty Water Records)

"The Mobbs are a trio of English gentlemen whose urbane and well-bred appearance lies in stark contrast to the ferocious intensity of the rocket-fueled sonic blasts of their guitar-based rave ups... Being aware that these gentlemen are planning to [kick] your ar*e and leave you for dead in a Northampton gutter is one thing; their brilliance is that they do it in such a way you can't help but pour them a gin and run them a bath first," reads a fragmented chunk of a wonderfully well-written mynewsdesk press release I recently received from London-based Dirty Water Records. Drawing assorted influence from both sides of "the pond" across nearly four decades-worth of Punk Rock, The Mobbs, at times, evoke The Clash, Black Flag, mid-90's Ska revivalists Rancid, and Celtic-Punk forefathers themselves, Flogging Molly; Joe B. Humbled, The Bishop & Cheadle have somehow still managed to craft a unique sub-genre best described as "Punk Rock for Gentlemen" "Garage Punk for Boys" or "refined (yet edgy) 20-something Punk Rock gentlemen approaching 30," much like myself. Dirty Water Records announced earlier today that The Mobbs will triumphantly release their long-awaited fourth album, PIFFLE! (their first with bassist The Bishop) this upcoming September 24th—they've planned a record release show at The Pomfret Arms Northampton 24/09/2016 at 9:00pm, wherein Hart Family Brewers Wellingborough will unveil The Mobbs' very own PIFFLE! "Pale & Interesting" beer. The Mobbs have additionally booked two "GIGS" following their PIFFLE! record release show: Saturday 1st October at The Railway Tavern, Southend and Saturday 8th October at Charles Bradlaugh, Northampton.

While The Mobbs' "Pale & Interesting" press release features a slew of great photographs and one mere music video, somewhat unfortunately, "Jolly Good" lifted from their 2011 BBREX album, IT'S... THE MOBB, it appears that no new music has been let loose yet to coincide with PIFFLE!'s Thursday afternoon release announcement. However, rollicking, yet extremely tasteful, music video presentations for "Jolly Good" and fellow IT'S... THE MOBB album tracks "Old Square" and "Better The Devil You Know." Nearly 7-8 months ago, The Mobbs & Dirty Water quietly and might I add, very inconspicuously, uploaded two separate long-form videos titled "The Mobbs at Bassy Club, Berlin - 2016" (clocking in at a whopping 46:15) and "The Mobbs - Mojo Degradation"—further sub-titled, "Live at The Lamplighter Northampton, The Mobbs Christmas Party with The Snakeman 3. "Mojo Degradation" from the new album coming soon!" So, there we have it, although we currently have an album pre-order, 24/09/2016 record release show, and PIFFLE!-themed beer, we're still lacking a proper tracklist and virtually, any further release details. But along with their latest on-site PIFFLE! CD pre-order, The Mobbs did manage to divulge this juicy lit'le nugget of information: "The Mobbs latest album contains 14 more tracks to tingle your brain! PIFFLE! is being released in collaboration with Dirty Water Records!"

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