Monday, June 19, 2017

Shark Tank Let Loose Chummy Third Single from Height-produced Dan's House, "Dan's House (Shouts to Hell Rell)" COLD RHYMES RECORDS

Not only is Shark Tank a Kevin "Mr. Wonderful" O'Leary-helmed dream-crushing ABC reality show, it's also a dream-crushing Kingston, Ontario/Pittsburgh, PA/Baltimore, MD-based Hip-Hop posse. Shark Tank AKA The Fun Youngs—fronted by "John" Height and backed by lyrical assassins "John" Lord Grunge, "John" B.Rich, and sometimes, "John" Mickey Free—are currently prepping their fourth Height-produced album, fittingly titled Dan's House for a summertime release on Cold Rhymes Records. "This is the video for "Dan's House" filmed by Ben O'Brien and edited by B.Rich. Naturally, this was filmed in my house. We were originally supposed to play ourselves in the video, but when a wrench got thrown [into] our travel plans, we got Emily Slaughter, Jones, and Mickey Free to stand-in. All three of them are fire emcees and beat-makers and of course, Mickey Free is the Jarobi White of Shark Tank," Height Keech wrote within an emailed statement over the weekend.

"Dan's House" (complete with parenthetical "Shouts to Hell Rell" of The Diplomats fame) is the third single let loose ahead of Shark Tank's upcoming Dan's House, behind quick-strike "Intro (Blaze for Days)" and The Witzard-premiered lead-off track "ACE;" however, I've heard a pre-release press advance and I can whole-heartedly attest that Dan's House is indeed chock-full of nine additional Beastie Boys-style Rap Round Robin compositions entirely produced by "John" Height and mixed by "John" Brandon Lackey. Dan's House is currently available for pre-order for an incredibly reasonable $7-10 in either Digital Album or Compact Disc (CD) formats from both Shark Tank's and Cold Rhymes Records' Bandcamp pages. If you still aren't 100% sold, for whatever reason, the three aforementioned hard-as-nails tracks are currently streaming from "ALBUM FOUR FROM THE FUN YOUNGS." Dan's House is out 7/17 on Height's own Cold Rhymes Records.

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