Thursday, July 11, 2019

Eddie X Murphy & Steven Seagal Team Up for First Off-screen Italian Noisecore/Grindcore Digital "Split" (SPUTO RECORDS)

It appears as though Grindcore/Noisecore's popularity truly spans from coast to coast, ocean to ocean across the globe; today's particular Noise-making specimens are Italian Harsh Noisecore band Eddie x Murphy (AKA E x M) and Chilean Noisecore band Steven Seagal. Yes, there are, in fact Grind/Noisecore bands named after two of America's most beloved Comedy/Action actors—watch out, The Mr. T Experience & The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza! E x M currently consists of players Alex D. Luca Scaglie Di Rumore, and Tommy Deaf, while Steven Seagal are a self-proclaimed "a$$hole duo, who make Noisecore." For their latest collaborative release, E x M & Steven Seagal have joined forces with Italian imprint SPUTO RECORDS for a 9-song digital split. "Simply, Eddie X Murphy likes Steven Seagal's Noisecore and we asked him to do a split," E x M's Alex D. explained how said split organically manifested itself. For this E x M/Steven Seagal split, Alessandro Calaon filled in for regular drummer Tommy Deaf, alongside core members Luca Scaglie Di Rumore & Alex D.

Eddie x Murphy submitted the first eight songs for the SPUTO split, the longest of which clocks in at a brief, albeit, ferociously pummeling 01:11, while Steven Seagal contributed 02:07 closer "Colectivo por la Destrucción de la Industria Musical," which roughly translates to "Collective for The Destruction of The Music Industry." I'll readily admit, I'm far from a specialist on Grindcore/Noisecore (yet!) but it definitely seems as though there are striking similarities to Punk, Hardcore, Metal music, and even Hip-Hop. Both Eddie x Murphy and Steven Seagal have a plethora of albums, EP's, singles, splits, etc. currently available on their respective Bandcamp pages. Eddie Murphy's IMDb page currently lists Dolemite Is My Name, Coming 2 America, Triplets—yes, a sequel to Danny DeVito & Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1988 film, Twins—and Beverly Hills Cop 4 as all being in various stages of pre/post-production. Steven Seagal's page currently lists Aylan Baby (Sea of Death) and Above The Law 2 amongst the disgraced actor's upcoming projects.

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