Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Janine Rostron is without a doubt "Planningtorock!"

W - seemingly Planningtorock's third release (following EP Eins and Have It All) and first proper "debut album," is set to be released by way of DFA/Rostron this upcoming May 24th. Janine Rostrun is the sole contributor to the entity... which over the years, has gained a size-able "cult following;" Allowing her to take her time recording (reportedly over a 3-year stint in Berlin), run her own namesake of a label, and "act out" creatively. Between albums, Rostrun lent her talents to The Knife's [ambitious] 2010 project - Tomorrow, In a Year... Essentially a Danish opera version of Charles Darwin's On the Origins of Species.

W consists of 12 tracks [originals - 11, Arthur Russell covers - 1]. Nearly every instrument was laid down by Rostrun herself, aside from the drum tracks of Pat Mahoney (LCD Soundsystem) and Iceland's Hjörleifur Jónsson. Thusfar, 2 album singles/JR-directed and edited videos have been released: "Doorway" and yesterday's Gorilla vs. Bear-Premiered "The Breaks." A limited edition 9" DFA single showcasing the pair of tracks is slated for a May 9th release.
While I'm honestly, not familiar enough with Planningtorock's back catalog to go and start "judging" her work(s) as a whole... "The Breaks" [almost] instantly reminded me of a personal favourite - The Cure's Jazzy/Poppy 1983 hit single, "The Lovecats." #WINNING! Make it a point to grab a copy of Planningtorock's W, when it's released on May 24th - DFA/Rostron.

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