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Saturday, March 9, 2013

The ILLEST Dudes In Galoshes: Digital Diamonds - "Delirious" (Jonwayne, Chuck Inglish & Scoop DeVille)

"The recurring theme in this group is we are all NASTY producers who can rap, NASTILY. [It's] a completely self-sufficient, well-oiled machine," Jonwayne lamented about Digital Diamonds, via Twitter late Friday afternoon. He released a Nirvana-sampling track online a few months ago along with Scoop DeVille under the group name, which has now expanded to include Chuck Inglish. It's Inglish's first major project since The Cool Kids went on indefinite hiatus [broke up?] While Jonwayne on the other hand, is currently busy mixing/mastering his proper Stones Throw debut and Scoop DeVille has produced tracks for everyone from Snoop Dogg to Das Racist (R.I.P.) and Kendrick Lamar's recent hit singles "The Recipe" and "Poetic Justice."

"Delirious" is a CLASSIC hard-hitting Hip-Hop beat that sounds like it might've been collectively co-produced by Jonwayne, Chuck Inglish & Scoop DeVille. It seems to sample some sort of piano-driven 60's Surf Pop track, which Digital Diamonds have further augmented with Boom-Bap drums and made a little more rhyme-friendly. Here's a few sample bars for those still on-the-fence: "I crease my jeans and I'm shootin' 3's, drivin' buckets in the lean... Crack a 40 of that Old E out the window throwin' up gang signs... I won't stop til I have $1 million gripped in my fists and I win an Oscar." Keep an eye out for Jonwayne and Chuck Inglish's forthcoming albums, untitled and Convertibles. But in the meantime, download/buy some of Jonwayne's Stones Throw-approved beat tapes: CASSETTE, Oodles of Doodles (Deluxe), Jonwayne Fucks Disney, and This Is False.

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