Thursday, September 21, 2017

3 Feet High & Rising: LA-based Hip-Hop/R&B Collective no suits Speak On Debut VIRGIN EP (The Witzard Interview & Playlist)

"no suits started in kindergarten, when Max Pierro and Sajan Sanghvi met on the first day of class. Pierro told Sanghvi shortly into their friendship "when we grow up, we gotta be entrepreneurs and never wear a suit to work." That single statement grew into a philosophy and continued to spread to this day and hence, became the label of their music group they began in 2014. Pierro & Sanghvi forged ahead to release their first single, a remix of ODESZA's "Say My Name." Shortly after, they recruited drummer/bassist Ed Hill, who was taking college classes with Pierro and had a similar passion for early Hip-Hop and shared the no suits' philosophy. The trio went on to release a slew of hit singles, namely "Strawberry Wine" ft. Aubren Elaine & Matt Capone, "Escape Reality" ft. Aubren Elaine, and a remix of Major Lazer's "Be Together" ft. Wild Belle.

Proceeding to execute their vision to push the boundaries of modern Electronic sound and in anticipation for their Virgin EP in early 2017, the group then brought on guitarist, Reed Hallums, who also took classes with Ed and [Max] Pierro, bonded over Tame Impala, and shared the group's philosophy. Hallums had already made a guitar appearance on "Escape Realty" ft. Aubren Elaine. The band is now crafting a character, taking influence from the tones of Daft Punk, as well as inspiration from vintage heroes like, Jimi Hendrix. They like to classify themselves as "the new guys who like the old sh*t." no suits is about not being a cog in a machine, not making the same music everyone else does, and of course, not wearing suits. They will continue to spread this philosophy with their music and beyond," reads no suits' now-infamous okayplayer-coined "4 Virgins make an EP" press release.

I. Your press bio notes that "no suits started in kindergarten when Max Pierro and Sajan Sanghvi met on the first day of class" and soon vowed to "never wear a suit to work;" although, how did you two come to meet Ed Hill and Reed Hallums to form No Suits' current incarnation?

Max met Edward about a year into college and they started jamming together. Max, Edward, and Sajan all began making records together and Edward joined no suits. Reed made his first appearance on the track "Escape Reality" (ft. Aubren Elaine.) The four all started jamming regularly and Reed officially joined the group prior to the release of their Virgin EP.

II. What were some of your greatest sources of influence and inspiration while recording no suits' VIRGIN EP? I pick up notes of No I.D. & James Fauntleroy's Cocaine 80's, Chance The Rapper, Gorillaz, and even Jimi Hendrix/Band of Gypsys!

Chance The Rapper, Gorillaz [Damon Albarn]'s vocals, and Jimi Hendrix's guitar solos.

III. What were the typical writing and recording processes behind no suits' VIRGIN EP like... were any beats or ideas pre-recorded or was it mostly improvised and recorded live in-studio?

The answer really varies on the song; for "Man In Tie Dye," we had that one in-the-works for over a year. "Queens" came together quick after a session with our friends Danny Dwyer and Jackii. Usually, we lay down the foundation of the tracks pretty quick and the intricacies of each song really come together in the mixing process.

IV. How would you say no suits' sound has grown and progressed since your 2015-16 Soundcloud singles and latest VIRGIN EP?

We've definitely grown a more authentic sound since our original slew of Soundcloud singles. We are taking a lot more risks in the production process and utilizing our live instruments more. Virgin had a very pure sound and our next EP will be a lot more sophisticated and sexual, if you will.

V. Now, I know you guys have $5 VIRGIN EP CD's available upon request, but what's next for no suits? Any live dates, more EP's, a full-length planned, etc?

We are currently working on our next EP, which should be done later in 2017. Meanwhile, we are working on a bunch of [collaborations] with other artists and [actively working on our live performance.

no suits Playlist:

01. Steve Lacy - "Dark Red"
02. Abhi The Nomad - "Sex n' Drugs" (feat. Harrison Sands & Copper King)
03. D'Angelo & The Vanguard - "Really Love"
04. 4 Non Blondes - "What's Up"
05. Jungle - "Drops"
06. Unknown Mortal Orchestra - "Can't Keep Checking My Phone"

07. Jimi Hendrix - "Crosstown Traffic"
08. Portugal Man - "So Young"
09. Jean Tonique - "Lit Up" ft. Dirty Radio
10. Pink Floyd ...
11. Led Zeppelin ...
12. Bob Moses - "Before I Fall"
13. Travi$ Scott - "Goosebumps"

14. Kendrick Lamar - "YAH."
15. Cigarettes After Sex - "Sunsetz"
16. Daft Punk - "Something About Us"
17. Danny Dwyer - "wifey, girlfriend, and mistress"
18. Jackii ...
19. OutKast - "SpottieOttieDopaliscious"

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