Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Behind The Beat, Vol. 2 Part 2: Homeboy Sandman & Aesop Rock Producer Ben Boogz of 2 Hungry Bros. Speaks On His "Pizza & Burgers" Beat from TRIPLE FAT LICE (Facebook DM Q&A)

Matt Horowitz: Let's do a little Nardwuar-type intro... who are you?!!!??!

Ben Boogz: Have you ever heard of my production duo, The 2 Hungry Bros? I'm Ben Boogz of The 2 Hungry Bros.

MH: Yessir, I have! I'm actually talking with Deep about another project for my site.

BB: From The Lower East Side (The L.E.S.) Manhattan NYC.

MH: You guys have worked with Homeboy Sandman since day one, right?

BB: Yes, that's correct. We have worked with Sand for some time.

MH: What was the first project 2 Hungry Bros. worked on with Sandman?

BB: He first was featured on our second compilation album called Table Manners (2008). Then, the first 2 tracks we did were the "iTunes Song" and the "2 Hungry Bros. Outro" on Actual Factual Pterodactyl (2008). Also, on The Good Sun (2010) we produced "The Essence " and "The Carpenter," the song that got him signed to Stones Throw.

MH: Really!? And that very track, "The Carpenter," is what helped get him signed to Stones Throw? Now, that's pretty cool!

BB: Yes! That's what I've been told. I heard [Peanut Butter] Wolf loves that song!

MH: Nice! How did you and Deep first meet Homeboy Sandman?

BB: At a show my bro, Fresh Daily was doing with him at this spot called Kenny's Castaways in The [West] Village back around 2003, I believe. There [were] a bunch a spots that heads used to do shows at that are gone now. From then on, we became fam.

MH: Sounds pretty awesome! So, let's just kinda get right into it... how did you get involved with TRIPLE FAT LICE (Lice III?)

BB: Well, I was on tour last summer with Sand. I was his DJ subbin' in for Sosa. Shout out Sosa. I had finished my my first solo beat album, I Moreno, which is on HiPNOTT Records. Sand had a copy of the tape and I was always bumpin' the tracks, when we had downtime. It's the track "Pickin'" they used for "Pizza & Burgers."

MH: Nice! I actually saw Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman at Union Transfer on the Philly stop of their first Lice tour! So, "Pizza & Burgers" comes from "Pickin'" from your instrumental beat tape, I Moreno?

BB: Yeah, it's one of the bangers of the album. It's a kinda Country-sounding, but it's a sample from a Jazz record.

MH: When did you find out your "Pickin'" beat would be featured on TRIPLE FAT LICE as "Pizza & Burgers?"

BB: I was on a roadtrip with my Hunger Division fam tearing up some salad at Golden Corral and Sand hit me with a message out of no where like, "Yo! I need the stems for "Pickin'" for Lice 3." I was def pumped because I've always wanted to work with Aes.

MH: That's awesome! Sandman is easily one of my favorite rappers and I've always enjoyed Aesop's music. They really make a great team! Yeah, I really like what you did with the break! Where's the sample from or would you rather not divulge?

BB: Being a dad and having a full-time job, my beats are made at all kinds hours, so it's kinda like alone time with me and my MPC haha. So, I don't spend time writing down what records I use. I will probably bump into it sometime like, "oh! That's the sample" hahaaa.

MH: Oh, I could imagine! So, did you have any idea your "Pickin'" beat would be featured alongside Oh No, CohenBeats, Quelle Chris, and M Slago? Not bad company haha.

BB: I didn't! Sand kept everything TOP SECRET! It's dope! And I have been on projects with M Slago before, so it's great to rock with him again! He kills it!

MH: So, none of the producers (yourself, at least) had NO IDEA their beats would end up on TRIPLE FAT LICE or when it would be released? Damn, that's actually pretty awesome!

BB: HA! Yeah, I'm guessing it was some covert operation, but it's an honor to be featured with these other producers. I also really like the artwork for the EP. Jeremy Fish kills it! I like that he took the Simon & Garfunkel Sounds of Silence cover and flipped it!

MH: Hell yeah! I love Jeremy Fish's artwork. I Follow him on Instagram and I really dig how he flipped The Sounds of Silence into to sharp-spittin' lice! Have anything else to add about "Pickin'"/"Pizza & Burgers," TRIPLE FAT LICE, or Homeboy Sandman & Aesop Rock, Ben?

BB: I was surprised what they did with the beat. Sounds like they had fun making the track. That's what its about, having fun. It's def the most different and catchy of any other Lice song out.

MH: They really did turn it into a fun beat! I just have fun listening to it! I selfishly kinda wish they kept in the intro about the sound "Hubert could make [when] he wasn't talkin'!" haha.

BB: Yeah, that line and movie cracks me up. Thought it went well with the beat.

MH: It's great! What movie is it from, Ben? I can't say I've ever seen it!

BB: Really? Oh, man! It's from the film Best In Show (2000).

MH: Alright, I'll have to check it out! Thanks! Anything else you might want to mention? Any additional projects coming out any time soon?

BB: "Yo, thanks Matt! Thanks to The Witzard for the interview! You can find me on Twitter and Instagram at @chefboogz2hb and also @2hungrybros. Also, you can find 2 Hungry Bros.' music at any digital music outlet (iTunes, Google Music, Spotify, etc.) Check out my sis LiKWUiD's latest 2 Hungry Bros. collabo Fay Grim. Also, check out my bro Deep's last few projects out now at Bandcamp. Thanks again! My new tape is almost done and the title is Love Handles! Big ups, Sand! Much love to Aes, Stones Throw, Rhymesayers, and HiPNOTT! Peace!

"Ben Boogz of The 2 Hungry Bros. can be described as the soul of the duo and Deep is the spirit. What does that mean? Deep is known for being driven and possessed, while Ben is laid-back and calm. It also pertains to their sound. Fans of comics, Adventure, and Sci-Fi [films], Ben follows up with his first Action-packed installment, after Deep's instrumental trilogy with his own to establish his soulful sound and also, leave a legacy. The two worked independently, yet their concepts connect, rooted in fatherhood. Deep being a father celebrated his son, now Ben Boogz (also, a dad) celebrates his father with Jazzy horns, Funky breaks, vibrant strings, strange sounds, wild cuts, and more with I Moreno. This amazing Hip-Hop album was mastered by Willie Green. It also features live electric guitar by Scott Greenberg, sax by Bryan Beninghove, keys by David Stolarz, and cuts by DJ M-Tri, as well as [Israel "I."] Moreno on commentary."

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