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Friday, September 1, 2017

JE DOUBLE F-helmed Nihilist New Wave Revivalists TUFF TURF Release 2-track "BODY HEAT" Cassingle/Sunglasses/Sticker Combo Pack (American Scream Records)

JE DOUBLE F is a self-proclaimed "Nihilist Punk-Rap" emcee and producer based out of Atlantic City, NJ. If you read his recent Beat-maker Bedrock #2 column published right here at The Witzard, JE DOUBLE F (AKA Jeff Richie) you'll remember he's equally influenced by Gravediggaz's 6 Feet Deep as he is by Glenn Danzig-fronted Samhaim's Final Descent and Nine Inch Nails' Pretty Hate Machine. "Fast, chaotic songs with no frills. Heavy touring schedule and DIY ethics; if Danzig met DOOM, you'd have JE DOUBLE F," reads Jeff's press release accompanying his latest album, HUMAN RITES. JE DOUBLE F has been making his own unique brand of Nihilist Punk-Rap since 2011, most of which has been released on his own Atlantic City-based music/film/book imprint, American Scream Records; his discography includes, but is not limited to PAGANOMICS (demo sessions #1,) LOSE​/​LOSE split cassette, HALF-MAN, SONGS FOR THE SLEEP DEPRIVED, and his Too Dead to Die split with Wales-based Noise/beat-maker Sleep Beggar. While meticulously honing in his Nihilist Punk-Rap sound, Jeff Richie simultaneously formed his own like-minded Nihilist New Wave outfit, dubbed TUFF TURF with part-time members "JH" and "CM." TUFF TURF have self-released two albums and an EP on American Scream since first forming around 2013: DEMONSTRATION EP, ALONE/COLD, and HUNGER & HAUNT. TUFF TURF's Facebook Bio readily cites The Cure, Oingo Boingo, The Cars, Joy Division, Bruce Springsteen, and Samhain as their greatest sources of influence. Jeff Richie, JH & CM quietly unleashed their latest TUFF TURF release today, September 1st, in the form of Cryptic Carousel-pressed "BODY HEAT" cassingle/sunglasses/sticker pack combo with 2-track digital download, upon purchase from American Scream Records' Bandcamp page.

"Atlantic City Nihilist New Wavers TUFF TURF release their 2-song cassingle and video entitled "BODY HEAT." Side A's "BODY HEAT" leaves you with Lost Boys vibes, as you navigate the dirty saltwater streets of Atlantic City. On Side B, "HEAVEN, RIGHT NOW" becomes a New Wave dreamer's nightmare with it's delayed guitars, classic Roland Juno synth-bass, and a frighteningly direct message: no one knows somebody who has been strong enough for long enough to ever get to Heaven. The cassingle is being sold as a package that includes a pro-dubbed cassette, full-color sticker, custom-printed [TUFF TURF] sunglasses, and an immediate digital download of the tracks."


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