Friday, September 29, 2017

ialive & Cody Cody Jones Unleash Second Split In Support of Upcoming 10/3-7 Four to The Floor 2 Mini-tour (U DONT DESERVE THIS BEAUTIFUL ART/Surface Level Records)

Now, anyone even remotely familiar with The Witzard and what we do 'round these here parts, should almost instantly recognize the names "ialive" and "Cody Cody Jones" (formerly known as Stillborn Identity.) They're collectively affiliated with Philly/Baltimore-based Hip-Hop scenes and artists such as Height Keech, Carl Kavorkian AKA MANIKINETER, E. Grizzly & Felipe Pupo, Lt Headtrip, Johann Sebastian, Torito, JE DOUBLE F, BLKrKRT, all these fingers, Vinyl Cape, and probably most notably, Darko The Super (The Hell Hole Store) and John "Jumbled" Bachman. Friends, frequent touring buddies, and self-described "bike boy babes" ialive & Cody Cody Jones have now joined forces to form touring partnership Four to The Floor. ialive & Cody Cody Jones' touring partnership initially started this past summer with "a collection of songs compiled specifically for a 4-day jaunt with your best boys, Cody Cody Jones & ialive." Following the wide-spread success of Four to The Floor's inaugural July 2017 run, ialive & Cody Cody Jones have reconvened for Four to The Floor, Part II.

Not entirely unlike its predecessor, Four to The Floor 2 showcases eight tracks total with four each from both ialive & Cody Cody Jones or as they quite fittingly put it, "a new track featuring the other, a previously released track, an unreleased track, and an exclusive" to said release on each artists' respective side. Die-hard fans of The Witzard might recognize ialive's "A C U R A (back in my bag)" and Cody Cody Jones' Joey Smooth-produced "The Last Working Dinosaur," which have both graced these digi-pages in recent months. Cody Cody Jones & ialive's Four to The Floor Part II Tour will kick off this upcoming Tuesday 10/3 in Philly and make a few stops in Trenton (ialive solo set,) Brooklyn, Ithaca, and Ellicottville through Saturday 10/7. U DONT DESERVE THIS BEAUTIFUL ART & Surface Level Records have pressed up a limited edition of 25 Four to The Floor 2 cassettes, which will be sold exclusively at shows along the tour route, as well as a "digital tour tape" version to be sold on Bandcamp. ialive & Cody Cody Jones are both currently finishing up separate solo projects, while ialive and his Hell Hole Store partner-in-rhyme, Darko The Super recently issued Return to The Hell Hole Store on Already Dead Tapes & Records.

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