Friday, March 8, 2019

All-around Breakdown: Lejend Dissects Latest M Slago-produced Ears & Eyes to The World EP (Garvey Prospects Media/Fly 7 Music)

"I wrote Ears & Eyes to The World to be a mirror that I could hold up and use to self-analyze, self-critique, and self-reflect. I wanted to share this process with others. I'm not here to judge or condemn when I speak of issues, I'm also, asking, "what part do I play in this situation?" as well. I hope that when people listen, they will truly open their ears and eyes can see what's going on in their communities and see what change they can affect. I think, if everyone does one thing on a consistent basis to help, then, we can leave the world in better shape than we found it.

All the beats were produced by M Slago, who I have known for years and I have collaborated [with] previously. His sound is amazing and captivating. M Slago's beats allow me to express emotions I was unaware of. There is a certain rhythm in his beats that draw you and make you speak from a deeper place in your soul. I'm very thankful to work with such a producer, who has a keen ear and understanding of sound."

- Jay "Lejend" Lewis (@TexasHeat)

I. "Ears & Eyes (Intro)"

"I was letting off stress, but, also, wanted introduce what I was trying to convey in a very lyrical fashion. I wanted people to understand I was really opening my ears and eyes to my environment and it really spoke to me. It told me two things: you need to be better as a father and pursue your music harder. I took heed to that epiphany, if you will. That was three years ago and that focus has truly changed the direction of my life."

II. "More Than More"

"I really felt like I needed to talk about this: the fact that people often look for happiness through external means. They are left feeling empty many times. We have to start looking within to discover true happiness because if you don't understand yourself, how can you be happy. This was a dual-meaning track because I want to showcase that currently, there so many things going socially, politically, financially, etc. that we could miss information that is crucial to survival. So, be aware and vigilant."

III. "Hold"

"It's about the people we choose to surround ourselves. They can be two things: motivators or detractors. It's finding out which one they are and usually, it's close friends and family. Especially, as a creative, you have to surround yourself with positivity. We all been through these struggles. It sticks with the theme of the album, which is opening your ears and eyes to what's going on in your current environment."

IV. "The Inner" Feat. Buffalo Black

"It was discussing the daily struggle we have with ourselves. The greatest battle, I think, we have is with ourselves. True growth comes from asking yourself hard questions and some of the answers, if you are honest with yourself, [it] may not be pleasant. I reached out to Buffalo Black to [collaborate] and he choose this track. He really spoke profound words and gave it a depth and dynamic that was not there previously. Very thankful for his contribution! I want everyone to know that I feel the daily struggle they go through."

V. "AmeriKKKa"

"This song hit close to home. I wrote this with the intention of showing how America has not progress as far as we think. Also, to highlight a lot of the same injustices that have been going on still exist and how we can break these cycles. We can talk about race, religion, and different division in society, but, I think, the archaic systems that have dominated America for centuries are starting to break down. We have to look at a new way of operating to bring America to it's full potential, but the complicated part is it will take everyone putting down the prejudice to ignite this change."

VI. "1978" Feat. Carlitta Durand

"This was me really just reminiscing on everything that has made me into the man I am today. From the very first project I put out up until this current release. No one owes me anything and I owe no one. I reached out to Carlitta Durand; she provided a lot of Soul on Little Brother's classic albums. I wanted to bring that feel to this album. Her hook really resonates with me and [it] really highlights the sentiment I wanted to convey. I have met her in person, she is a very humble and sweet young lady. I was honored to work an artist of her caliber!"

VII. "The Breakdown"

"It's about mental health. Speaking on being able to pick the pieces once situations detour you. It's also, speaks to the difficulty of doing that. The mental wear-and-tear of that process, which happens frequently in most individuals' lives. I hope [to] better understand people who are successful in this process and people who are not."

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