Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Rolled Gold Releases A Different Cloth, Vol. 2 Incorporating Samples Culled from Talented Crew of Family & Friends (@RolledGoldBeats)

Honestly, by now, anyone who frequents these pages of The Witzard knows that we're big fans and supporters of Philly-based producer, beat-maker, and multi-instrumentalist Harry Metz AKA Rolled Gold. I believe, we've covered nearly all of his various releases and projects since 2016's Rolled Gold & Uncle Crimson: The Great Fallback EP, as well as his slightly re-worked and re-released SALTY (3P) EP. Earlier this year, Rolled Gold kick-started his latest musical endeavor with A Different Cloth, Vol. 1 EP/beat tape, as a way to fully fresh out and properly release a wide array of unfinished songs, unreleased remixes, both old and new collaborations, unplaced instrumental beats, etc. It's, essentially, an extension of his 2018 EP, Rolled Gold's Healthy A$$ Breakfast with an added "cut from a different cloth"-type of vibe, as well as a place for Metz to display his eclectic collection of quilts and tapestries with each meticuliously "stitched-together" installment.

In a similar fashion to the rest of his recent work, A Different Cloth, Vol. 2 samples instrumentals and original compositions played by Rolled Gold himself and a cast of his musically-inclined friends; for this go'round, that includes pianist and brother Sam Metz, upright bassist and cousin Ray Bailey (Boogieman Dela,) and vocalists/emcees Visto, Kaang Groovin, Boogieman Dela, Rapper O.H.M. Jeide Eighttrack, Uncle Crimson, and Tylar Montgomery with all other instruments played by Rolled Gold himself. A Different Cloth, Vol. 2 clocks in at just over 12 minutes and its seven contained tracks play out like one continuous mix or a dusty 90's Boom-Bap mixtape. A Different Cloth, Vol. 2 is currently available to stream or purchase on both Rolled Gold's Bandcamp & Soundcloud pages and is now applicable to Pre-Save on Spotify, but should become widely available on the service within about a week or less.

"Rolled Gold's second installment in his 2019 A Different Cloth [series] follows the same format as Vol. 1: original compositions sampled and flipped into a versatile selection of beats, topped with short acapella selections from friends and Lo-fi, Cinematic background noise. However, using synesthesia—in this case, associating pieces of music with different color schemes—he paints a very different landscape of vibes and moods and also, chooses to incorporate more 808 bass and Trap drums, just to balance out the heavily organic, vintage sound of the first. When the series is finished, all the volumes will be lined up chronologically to play a much longer musical journey, navigated with smooth transitions and cohesive arrangements unique to Rolled Gold's repertoire."

- Rolled Gold (@RolledGoldBeats)

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