Tuesday, March 12, 2019

"Trust Fall At The Eagles Parade:" Body Spray Let Loose Flippin' Awesome Philly-centric "New Smell" Music Video (Music to Fall Down To)

It looks like it's poised to be a pretty BIG week for Philly Hoagie-core pioneers Body Spray, as their long-awaited debut full-length, Music to Fall Down To will be released digitally this Friday, March 15th. They're also, playing a Music to Fall Down To Record Release Show on "St. Body Spray Day," Sunday, March 17th, at Ortlieb's with Plot & Table. Just this past Friday, Adam Black, Dan Haddigan, Eric Kenney & Ian Kiesel unleashed their second music video from Music to Fall Down To for Bandcamp single, "New Smell." It was directed by James Powers and edited by B.S.' own Adam Black and features the band running around "the mean streets" of Philly wreaking havoc, all the while, donning giant middle finger masks on their heads. Honestly, the "New Smell" is "Philly" through and through; from Body Spray's Rocky-esque sweatsuits to punching meat slabs... well, much smaller pieces of meat strapped to an old punching bag! Even the band's pre-run beer choices are inherently "Philly:" Tecate, Modelo, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and Coors Banquet.

Throughout the course of the "New Smell" music video, we see Body Spray sprinting past a wide array of Philly landmarks including Pat's Steaks, the infamous Mayor Frank Rizzo Mural, John F. Kennedy Plaza AKA "LOVE Park," The Municipal Services Building and accompanying Frank Rizzo statue, The Art Museum/"Rocky" Steps, and nearby Rocky Statue. There's also, a surprise appearance from The Grim Reaper from Body Spray's previous "Edgy" music video at the roller rink. Death himself is seen at the bar across from Body Spray during the "New Smell"'s final scenes and of course, he flips them off! Sonically, Body Spray's sound harnessed on Music to Fall Down To is somewhere in-between Hardcore/Powerviolence figure-heads Pissed Jeans & SPAZZ with sonic allusions to Iggy & The Stooges and Henry Rollins-era Black Flag. Music to Fall Down To will be on sale at B.S.' Record Release Show at Ortlieb's this Sunday, March 17th on randomly-colored vinyl with FREE limited edition Body Spray 3:16/Hell EP sticker packs. For those unable to attend, a limited number of Music to Fall Down To LP's are currently available to pre-order directly from Body Spray's Bandcamp page.

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