Thursday, January 10, 2019

45 Live Records Unveil Remaining First Edition 7-inches of Aeon Seven's "Seven Breaks" & "Soul Altitude" (Boca 45 & Pete Isaac)

Stéphane Delplanque is a French music producer, animator, and DJ, who moonlights as DJ Aeon Seven. Alongside fellow producer Kunst Throw, Aeon Seven was part of French Electronic duo Christine from 2010 'til about 2016-17. Seven has been actively recording and releasing Hip-Hop music since 2000 and often, tastefully peppers in elements of Funk, Soul, Jazz, Afro-Funk, Breakbeats, and Electronic music. Over the years, Aeon Seven has issued a number of 7-12-inch releases on a slew of labels including, but not limited to, Brunch Records, BEATSQUEEZE RECORDS/DIESS Prod, Chipped Herring Records, Funk Night Records AKA Fnr, and most recently, 45 Live Records. Bristol, UK-based 45 Live Records was founded in December 2015 by Scott Hendy & Pete Isaac and have been releasing Funky fresh 45's ever since; Hendy himself, actually, moonlights as producer/DJ Boca 45 and is widely known for his string of releases with Malachai, Purple Penguin, Dynamo Productions, The Beekeeper, Diego & The Dissent, Bocawoody, and Dolman. Isaac started as a percussionist in the mid-80's playing with Jazz-Funk, African, and Indie-Funk bands, but quickly progressed to DJ'ing, as Acid House first kicked off in The Southwest of England in 1989. Pete has single-handedly promoted over 1,000 club nights and concerts across Southwest England and dually functions as a graphic/freelance designer for clients in and out of the music biz. A number of Boca 45's various 7-inch singles, CD mixes, compilations, etc. from 2015-18 have been released on 45 Live Records.

Aeon Seven's two latest 7-inch/digital single releases—"Seven Breaks" B/W "Seven Breaks" (Inst.) & "Soul Altitude" B/W "Preliminary Battle"—have both been released on 45 Live Records. One, as recently as December 2018, but now, remaining FIRST EDITION 7-inch copies of both releases have been effectively re-upped to 45 Live's Bandcamp page. "Seven Breaks" was Aeon Seven's first official release issued on on 45 Live Records. It's "a straight up B-boy jam aimed squarely at the dance-floor," as described by the label. I would, personally, assume it consists of seven breaks or maybe, these are just Seven's breaks. "Seven Breaks" boasts a heavy bassline, organ riffs, a "bada** breakdown," and expertly executed cuts and scratches throughout. The B-side features an Instrumental version of "Seven Breaks," as well as "a little "Cuts" track, so you can add your own flourishes, if you get doubles or use for an intro cut before dropping the main track," as 45 Live fittingly describes it. "Soul Altitude" B/W "Preliminary Battle" is Aeon Seven's second proper release on 45 Live Records and the seventh overall for the label. A-side, "Soul Altitude," was fully written and produced by Stéphane Delplanque AKA Aeon Seven and features the esteemed talents of Axel Touron on both trumpet and slide trombone. It's a bit more of a Funk/Jazz-leaning affair, while B-side, "Preliminary Battle," is a bit more of your standard Hip-Hop/Boom-Bap fare. Limited quantities of both 7-inches are still currently available on 45 Live's Bandcamp page. Aeon Seven's personal Bandcamp page is also, selling a slew of 45's including Thunder Cuts I-II and his Fnr mixtape, Funk Night Cruising.

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