Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Curse ov Dialect Emcee & Producer Raceless Re-emerges with Il Beliegha E.P. As "The Maltese Well Monster" (Soundcloud self-released)

Curse ov Dialect emcee and producer Raceless FKA Raceless The Prophet AKA Il-Belligha AKA The Filfla Lizard has added yet another nom de plume to his ever-growing cast of characters: The Maltese Well Monster. Legend has it, said Maltese Well Monster/Il-Belliegha—a pivotal part of centuries-old Maltese folklore—was supposedly, "a monster that lives in well and could pull in children who looked into them." Raceless himself, however, tells the story a bit something like this: "The Maltese Well Monster was born after a trip to Malta from Curse ov Dialect member Raceless, [whose] father is from this background... the myths of Malta run very deep into a well... some instrumental tracks that conjure these images and some vocal tracks with a Gollum-like rapping voice from the monster... heavy sampology from obscure sources." Just overnight, Raceless made a couple minor edits to The Maltese Well Monster's Il Beliegha EP, swiftly removing one of its original five tracks and adding two more, making it a full-fledged 6-track EP. Still, a largely instrumental EP, Raceless AKA The Maltese Well Monster has, actually, risen from the depths of his well to deliver menacing rhymes on two choice cuts: "Gargoyle of Gold" and newly-added "Labyrinths of Limestone."

Not entirely unlike Curse ov Dialect's extremely Experimental brand of Dadaist-leaning Hip-Hop, Raceless employs a number of truly unique techniques throughout The Maltese Well Monster's Il Beleigha EP; this including thematic sampling from obscure sources, eerie backmasking, devilishly revered vocals, an appearance from "a 1960's Italian crooner/wanna-be Dean Martin," Wu-Tang Clan-like production tactics, a couple expertly rapped neck-snapping verses, and much, much more. Raceless The Prophet has been a part of Melbourne, Australia-based "Psychedelic/Dadaist Hip-Hop crew" Curse ov Dialect since their 1994 inception, as well as releasing projects with seemingly short-lived groups, DIARY DAY 1 (@DIARYDAY1) and Pompo's Paw with Ai Yamamoto. Raceless' first proper solo effort, The Internal meddler EP, was released under Curse ov Dialect's group banner in January of 2012 and features ceschi, Shunda K. (Yo! Majesty,) Kaigen, Danielsan (Koolism,) and Vile Vortices, as well as fellow members of Curse ov Dialect. Raceless' Il Beliegha EP is currently available to stream on his newly-minted Maltese Well Monster Soundcloud page... but, I think, it's fairly safe to say, this isn't the last we'll be hearing from The Maltese Well Monster!

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