Friday, January 4, 2019

The Witzard Premiere: CINDY BLURAY Releases "N0153_W45H" Ahead of Daisy Mortem LP & 3 Separate CURTA Projects (WE ARE VICIOUS)

CURTA is the chosen nom de plume of Chicago-based emcee and "INDUSTRIAL-LEANING CARNIVAL BARKER" Jake Danna, who often works alongide in-house producer Brent Larsen AKA 4Digit. We, here at The Witzard, have covered CURTA's last few projects, including: 2017's FilthyBroke Recordings-released CLICK BAIT EP, last year's self-released End of Future Park EP, and an exclusive Zilla Rocca Remix of "Rap Trope Questionnaire" from 2015's Replica. Over the years, CURTA has shared concert bills across the globe with the likes of milo, Mac Lethal, JPEGMAFIA, Listener, Belly Belt, ceschi, Sewer Rats, B L U E | B I R D, sole, ELUCID, k-the-i??? Andy D. Church Fire, and naughtybabysub. This, however, brings us to CINDY BLURAY: a rather mysterious French producer and musician who says she grew up "making music and playing in caves" since she was about 12. CINDY came up within the Punk, Goth & DIY scenes in her hometown of Bordeaux in Southwestern France. Although, during her teenage years, CINDY quickly got into the local Rap/Electronic music scene. As fate may have had it, to paraphrase CINDY BLURAY herself, she first met CURTA when Sean Makau booked her for her first US show at New York venue Trans-Pecos, when she was still actively playing with naughtybabysub.

"This show had a big impact on my life. Then, he came to France and we share the stage again," BLURAY exuberantly explains. Now, for The Main Event... CINDY BLURAY & CURTA have once again joined forces for their first full-fledged collaboration, which has, coincidentally, been "cut to wax." A couple months ago, Phantom Haus Booking emailed me out of the blue with a private stream of CINDY BLURAY's then as-yet-to-be-released "N0153_W45H" (read as: "Noise Wash") featuring none other than our mutual friend/collaborator, CURTA. For "N0153_W45H," CINDY BLURAY handles both production duties and Auto-Tuned vocals, while CURTA helps beef it up with his sharp-tongued rhymes galore. CURTA ferociously rhymes, "I was dying in their quantized intervals" and then, CINDY suddenly comes in with "let the noise wash over you..." all atop a glitchy, almost Postal Service-leaning disintegrating beat. Although, I personally think Phantom Haus' press description suits "N0153_W45H" best: "You could almost play it in your car for your sister who's Spotify playlist is heartless candied R&B/Rap, but, at the same time, it's a song that Blade could behead vampires to in the long-forgotten underground sub-sectors of a post-modern wasteland city." Yes, our thoughts exactly! CINDY BLURAY & Daisy Mortem are currently working on their full-length debut, while CURTA are preparing three (THREE?!!!??!) separate projects to be trickled out throughout the course of 2019.

ARTWORK MEANING: "I worked searching for second life pictures with couples, trying to find scenes with something really human [to] it, human gestures, human feelings. To question our relation with technology and with social network, u know? That's why I wanted to let the picture in an window with a title. The titles insist on the concept of realness and fakeness of our virtual lives. I think, it works well with the feat. (they are 2: a boy, curta and a girl, cindy) they take a NOISE shower lol, they are IN LOVE or MAYBE NOT or WHAT IS REAL OR FAKE IN THIS WORLD???!! I loved this kind of Matrix/blue pill feeling, u got me? THIS ONE IS GREAT because of the cinematic gesture of the girl, like, she's asking herself, "but... AM I REALLY REAL???!!!!" and the boy doesn't look at her, so the title [says] "real feelings," but WE'LL NEVER KNOW WHAT HAPPENS IN THIS PICTURE.

because we only anonymise humans; never things, never animals, never characters because they doesn't really exist for us. we only anonymise people because we want to protect them, because they are uniques. but anonymising these 3-D virtual [characters] is a way to give them humanity and to question it!"

- CINDY BLURAY (@daisymortem)

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