Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Ray Strife Unleashes Previously Shelved Doc Heller-produced 2016 Track "Think of how a Castrated Horse Feels" (2018 In Review)

Trenton, New Jersey-based emcee/frontman Raymond "Ray" Strife released so many projects last year, we couldn't even keep up—well, my wedding was this past October, as well!—but seriously, Ray put out a BUNCH of music throughout 2018. He released his Ill-Omega-produced full-length follow-up to 2017's critically-acclaimed Preface: I Will Never Be Beautiful EP, Go for The Gusto, #BFF EP with his real-life BFF's Roebus One & Ill-Omega originally recorded back in 2013, and HARD FEELINGS EP from his "Negative" Hardcore band, OVER EVERYTHING. Now, at the top of 2019, Ray Strife has already returned from a holiday vacation to France with a previously unreleased track entitled "Think of how a Castrated Horse Feels," which takes its name from a lyric within Nirvana's "I Hate Myself & Want to Die" from 1993's The Beavis & Butt-Head Experience compilation. It appears as though Doc Heller's "Think of how a Castrated Horse Feels" instrumental was originally released on a 2015 Heathers-inspired beat tape entitled ESKIMO, which was released on Darko The Super's U DONT DESERVE THIS BEAUTIFUL ART (UDDTBA) and features samples culled from Big Baby Gandhi's rather extensive catalog.

Raymond Strife adds a bit of background on the track's creation, saying: "I was probably transitioning from doing really bad with drugs, booze, and life in general to [doing] really well. I think, the song kind [of] reflects a lot of the old me transitioning to the new me." Ray Strife recorded "Think of how a Castrated Horse Feels" roughly 2-3 years ago, prior to recording and releasing his last two Ill-Omega-produced projects, Preface: I Will Never Be Beautiful EP & Go for The Gusto. Again, it was produced by Darko The Super under his oft-used beat-making alias, Doc Heller and recorded at The Robot House in Trenton, NJ by frequent collaborator RayRayBeats with additional vocals provided by RayRayBeats himself. From what I can gather, it appears as though "Think of how a Castrated Horse Feels" is just the first in a series of as-yet-unreleased tracks Ray Strife plans to dust off and properly release in the coming weeks. Doc Heller AKA Darko The Super released a whopping 10 albums throughout 2018 and has plans to issue a best-of collection called Year of The Darko hosted by Stories Of A Made Up Year producer and Cold Rhymes Records founder, Height Keech.

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