Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Sean Price Returns with Posthumous "John Gotti" Feat. A.G. Da Coroner, Guilty Simpson & Your Old Droog from Small Professor-produced '86 Witness (Coalmine/Duck Down Records)

While Port Arthur, Texas emcees Bun B & Pimp C were commonly referred to as Underground Kingz (U.G.K.) I would strongly attest that Broownsville emcee Sean Price AKA Sean P! AKA Ruckus/Ruck from Heltah Skeltah was, indeed, and "Underground" King in his own right. Sean P, unfortunately, only spent 43 years on this Green Earth, although, he had been rapping since 1995 after his crew, Boot Camp Clik, appeared on Smif-N-Wessun's Wreck Records debut, Dah Shinin'. Honestly, my earliest personal memories of Sean P! date back to my 12 years spent stocking shelves at Shop Rite; sometimes, at night, I used to help my buddy, Jared Jenkins, stock the bread shelves and he was always bumpin' and big uppin' Sean Price. I guess, what really stuck with me first, aside from his relentless rhymes, was Sean's tendency to take his name and blatantly insert it into common Pop culture phenoms, movie titles, etc. which was a great promotional tool in the pre-Internet Boom early 2000's. For example, some of Sean Price's earliest solo release titles included: Jesus Price Supastar, Master P, Donkey Sean, Jr. Kimbo Price, and Mic Tyson. Nearly all of the aforementioned projects were released on Duck/Ruck Down Records, who often released zany promotion videos for Sean Price's albums, which featured him starring in half-witted scenarios and ill-planned pranks such as Sean Price as "Seanwuar" vs. Pharoahe Monch, How Sean Price Stole Christmas, "The Joy of Painting with Sean Ross," Pawn Star's Chumlee vs. Sean Price's Potato, as well as countless other side-splitting skits.

Just yesterday afternoon, Duck Down Music & Coalmine Records announced a new posthumous Sean Price album entitled '86 Witness arriving Friday, February 8, 2019. It's, in fact, the third posthumous Sean P! full-length after 2015's phenomenally-titled Songs In The Key of Price and 2017's Imperius Rex. '86 Witness will be fully produced by Philly-based beat-maker and producer Small Professor, who additionally produced an extremely sought-after Record Store Day 2017 10-inch entitled "Refrigerator P." Smalls, actually, produced a remix of "Murdah Type Thinkin'" from Sean Price & M-Phazes' Land of The Crooks (2013-14) released on Coalmine Records, which would, ultimately, end up being Sean P's last release during his lifetime. Along with the announcement of '86 Witness, Complex's esteemed scribe Shawn Serato presented a premiere of the first proper "leak" from '86 Witness with "John Gotti" featuring an amazing line-up of A.G. Da Coroner, Guilty Simpson & Your Old Droog. It appears as though '86 Witness has been "several" years in-the-making and although, Smalls & Sean P! never met face-to-face, had been planning to collaborate prior to his untimely passing in August of 2015. "Lyrically, P pays homage to the year 1986 with clever bars boasting slick, Pop culture-referencing wordplay. He big-ups The Bears' Super Bowl XX win on "Refrigerator P;" references Herbie Hancock's time-honored Round Midnight OST on "Midnight Rounds;" [and] shows love to Just-Ice's "Latoya" on the Quelle Chris-featured "Latoya Jackson," reads Coalmine Records' press statement. In addition to this "Murderers' Row" of emcees, '86 Witness will, also, boast features from DJ Revolution, ELUCID, Castle, Rockness Monstah of Heltah Skeltah, Quelle Chris, Illa Ghee, Rob Kelly, and Reef The Lost Cauze, Curly Castro & Zilla Rocca on a special Philly Blunt Remix of "John Gotti." Sean Price & Small Professor's '86 Witness is now available to pre-order from Coalmine/Duck Down Records.

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