Wednesday, January 9, 2019

SC to VT: Keenan Kilgore & Dom Primus Let Loose Beat Comp. DIGITALDANKIN BEATS VOLUME 1 (DigitalDankin "Winter Sessions")

We first heard about Daniel Felicetti AKA Keenan Kilgore FKA Digitalfel/Fel last year when he joined forces with Lt Headtrip's New York-based imprint, we are the karma kids for an 8-track remix compilation cleverly dubbed Keenan & Karma. Fel quietly cooked up an additional remix of "Word Art" from OLD SELF's critically-acclaimed album, Word Art Gallery. Then, just a mere week and a half later, Keenan Kilgore returned with his own self-released and fully self-produced Instrumental Hip-Hop album, SEPTEMBER. Now, at the top of 2019, Daniel Felicetti has returned with yet another brand spankin' new release and yet another AKA: DigitalDankin's DIGITALDANKIN BEATS VOLUME 1. DigitalDankin is, of course, the collaborative production alias of Daniel Felicetti FKA DigitalFel & Abraham Dankin AKA Dominic "Dom" Primus; although, Keenan & Dominic previously worked together as part of a short-lived unnamed group with emcee AG Noble Influenz. However, DigitalDankin's first unofficial release was a charismatic 2013 DatPiff mixtape entitled THE BLACK PETER PARKER... BECAUSE HE LOVES MARY JANE, which was credited to "The Dynamic Duo of Abraham Dankin & DigitalFel." Lo and behold, Track #11 from SEPTEMBER, "Eternity," was actually, co-produced by Dominic Primus, as it appears as though the original/abridged version stems from one of DigitalDankin's sessions. But, I digress... let's get back to DigitalDankin's latest long-form release!

DIGITALDANKIN BEATS VOLUME 1 stems back to Abraham Dankin & Daniel Felicetti's earliest chance meeting as valet drivers in Savannah, Georgia; over the years, Abe & Dan vowed to stay in touch, even after Daniel and his wife, Michelle, moved to Vermont or "bounced to The South," as DigitalDankin's Bandcamp page puts it. For the last three consecutive winters, Keenan Kilgore & Dom Primus have linked up for impromptu recording sessions, which have birthed several as-yet-unreleased DigitalDankin productions. Now, for whatever reasons, ahead of this year's annual winter session, Keenan & Dom have meticulously hand-selected 15 of their favorite collaborative pieces of production to form DigitalDankin's first proper release. "Both KK & Dankin relied on an organic and simple production process. These beats are dirty and musical. Thanks for listening," a brief statement posted on Keenan Kilgore's Bandcamp page details. BEATS VOLUME 1 boasts, in our "humble" opinion, at least, a spacey, Jazz-indebted almost cartoony sound reminiscent of Yasiin Bey FKA Mos Def's The Ecstatic, MADVILLAINY, DANGERDOOM's lone effort THE MOUSE & THE MASK, and even Jaylib's fabled Champion Sound. It also, channels a vaguely Electro/Hip-Hop-leaning sound reminiscent of Jamie xx's posthumous Gil Scott-Heron remix album, We're New Here. It appears as though, during one of Dom & Keenan's snow-capped beat-making sessions, some grainy footage was filmed, which has now, been turned into the first proper DigitalDankin music video for "Eastern Seaboard" from BEATS VOLUME 1.

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