Thursday, December 6, 2012

Greased Lightnin'!: R.E.M. & James Franco - "That Someone Is You" (Anne Hathaway?)

Here's James Franco's infamous sun-drenched "That Someone Is You" clip; It's #2 of R.E.M./Franco's long-rumored music video collaboartion(s) unearthed in just under a month. Looks like James Franco carries around a handy dandy flip-cam just about everywhere he goes. "That Someone Is You" is very chill, fun, and laid back in comparison to "Blue"'s underlying Avante Garde [weird] feel. The footage seems to be culled from 2011, when Franco and Anne Hathaway were practicing for their Oscars co-hosting gig... specifically behind-the-scenes footage of them rehearsing a scrapped Grease-inspired bit. What blind dumb-ass decided to cut this CHERRY footage 2 Hollywood A-listers re-creating the closing, over the top "We Go Together" dance scene!? R.E.M. parted ways in September 2011, after 30+ years together, and released their 15th studio album, Collapse Into Now. Oh yeah, Anne Hathaway's head has been replaced by an over-sized CGI kitty noggin, which can most likely be chalked up to "legal reasons." James Franco's upcoming film projects include Spring Breakers, Oz: The Great & Powerful, The End of The World, Lovelace, and Black Dog, Red Dog.

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