Sunday, May 20, 2012

Erxpress_og: Cocaine 80s - "This Can't Be a Crime," "Queen to Be" & "Take My Keys" (Tweet$)

And I'm back from a nice, relaxing weekend getaway to Ocean City, MD: friends, cars, chicken, girls, beer, scooters, sun rays, etc. But it's great to finally be back home in good ol' Jersey! Upon my re-entry to The Inter-web earlier this evening, I was pleasantly surprised with 3 FRESH Cocaine 80s tracks, which were slowly unveiled over the past 3 days. "This Can't Be a Crime," "Queen to Be," and "Take My Keys" were recently recorded by Chicago mega-producer, No I.D. While Cocaine 80s' choice nom de plume might implies a certain level of excess and debauchery, their collective musical output is far from it... Cocaine 80s is a Chicago-based group of talented behind-the-scenes players, which includes the likes of James Fauntleroy, Kevin Randolph, Rob Kinelski, Steve Wyreman, and Makeba.

Since quietly forming roughly 1 year ago, the loose collective has released 2 digital projects, The Pursuit EP and Ghost Lady EP. The attached file info [labeling] along with "Queen to Be" mentions something called Erxpress_og, which may or may not be the title of Cocaine 80s forthcoming effort #3. Similar to their past releases, Cocaine 80s' batch of new tracks can be "purchased" online through a clever Pay with a Tweet monetary exchange; When it comes down to it, essentially leveling out to [FREE] user-friendly self-promotion. Keep an eye out, 'cause I feel like we're going to be getting a repeat-worthy full-length from No I.D. & Cocaine 80s any day now!

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