Monday, May 21, 2012

Somethin' Bout Kreay: KREAYSHAWN & 2 Chainz - "Breakfast" (Bay Area PJ Party)

KREAYSHAWN is definitely hot in that "Ghetto Fabulous" sort of way. She's the type of girl that if I saw her on the street, I'd still attempt to spit game @, even though I'm sure we'd have absolutely nothing in common ha. Anyways, Columbia reportedly signed a $1 million record deal with KREAYSHAWN on the sheer strength of her premier single, "Gucci Gucci." Since dropping out of Berkeley film school in 2009-10, Natassia "KREAYSHAWN" Zolot has self-released 2 mixtapes: Kittys X Choppas and Kreayshawn X The Bay, in addition to shooting music videos for a number of [famous] friends. During this formative period, KREAYSHAWN also submitted guest verses to a wide variety of Hip-Hop artists: The Madden Brothers, Juicy J, Theophilus London, Millionaires, and Insane Clown Posse.

"Breakfast" (Syrup) fully employs KREAYSHAWN's witty, inventive sense of building rhyme patterns... Ex(s)ample: "I'm hungry. Hungry for this money. Call me Kreay Hefner, Playboy Bunny. Got that juice, cheese, bread - Breakfast. Stackin' dough." KREAYSHAWN self-directed the drug and indulgence breakfast food-laden music video for her album's lead single, which debuted across The World Wide Web early Monday morning. Her long-awaited debut, Somethin' Bout Kreay is now slated for an August 14th unveiling. KREAYSHAWN has supposedly enlisted the rapping/production talents of Kid Cudi, 2 Chainz, Diplo, V-Nasty, Cool & Dre, DJ Two Stacks, and Boys Noize. Zolot recently Tweeted that she wrote a treatment for another album track, "Go Hard (LALALA)," which should be expected to materialize sooner than later!

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