Friday, May 11, 2012

I Am Not a Human Being: Mr. Moot & Lil B - "Macaulay Cokin'" (3 Stacks) #VERYRARE

Prince supposedly has 500+ written, recorded, fully completed albums and films just sitting locked up inside a giant dusty vault somewhere. Only a certain breed of artist can be that prolific/guarded, while remaining successful all @ once; Lil' Wayne and Bob Dylan also come to mind when taking about insanely fruitful singer-songwriters. But this here post is actually about none of the above... they may be discussed @ a later date. It's simply meant to set up the groundwork for tonight's "Main Attraction(s):" Lil B and local legend, Mr. Moot!

A former member of The Pack, Lil B is still rockin' those same scruffy-looking brown [white?] "Vans" until he banks $1 million. BASEDGOD is essentially so prolific that he releases a new stream-of-conciousness mixtape nearly every week. It's increasingly hard to keep track of his rapidly unveiled output, but Lil B's full-length album, I'm Gay (2011) was truly LEGENDARY! The track presented here, "3 Stacks" mysteriously samples that Celine Dion song from Titanic and is featured on Trapped In BasedWorld will seemingly appear on an upcoming, as-yet-un-announced Lil B mixtape. Keep an eye out for Lil B's "Garage Punk" album: California Boy, which was recently mentioned during BASEDGOD's insight-filled NYU lecture.

Even though he was largely raised by vicious flesh-mauling wolves, Mr. Moot has managed to re-adjust fairly well to civilized metropolitan society these last few years. I spent some quality time with The Beatmaster himself this week. Mr. Moot constructed a new beat on Wednesday, wrote and recorded vocals Thurs, and shot a music video for the hard-hitting new track, "Macaulay Cokin'" by Friday. It's 1 of 4 tracks recently liberated to PureVolume, but that's just "the tip of the iceberg" ... I have 35-40 original Mr. Moot tracks on my iPod and he has to have anywhere from 150-300 completed tracks sitting on his laptop. While "Macaulay Cokin'" just might be Mr. Moot's most ferocious Boom-Bap Hip-Hop track yet, he's currently working on a Rock album... or maybe a mix of all genres. I'll most likely be documenting the recording process on camera this time. So, stay tuned, my friends!

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