Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ikechi Nnamani - Kechstrumentals: Live from Nigeria, Tape 1 (Veehead Re-release)

Ikechi Nnamani decided to head to Nigeria for "Winter Break" [2011-12] in a combined effort to take a much needed break from UPenn, visit with family & friends, and simply de-stress a bit. It's 16 rudimentary Boom-Bap beats were largely recorded on laptop programs in a grass hut... likely adding to the album's overall "Old School" aesthetic. While they were originally released back in April, kechPhrase & Veehead issued a slightly re-packaged re-relased version of Kechstrumentals: Live from Nigeria, Tape 1 earlier today. Mishka is currently hosting a stream-able player containing the complete mixtape; So far, kechPhrase's beats have been [or will be] rapped over and further embellished by Kool A.D. Fat Tony, Epic, Bill Ding, Chakuza (Germany), and a few other talented wordsmiths. Pretty sample-heavy and chock-full of strings, synth flourishes, 808 drum patterns, and vocal excerpts... Kechstrumentals is definitely worth checking out! Stay tuned for Volume #2, a companion album & EP set for Victor Vazquez's newly-formed Veehead imprint all by Fall 2012. If you'd like to get a hold of a FRESH instrumental beat or 2, shoot an emailed request over to Ikechi Nnamani @

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