Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spray Paint & Ink Pens: Aesop Rock - "Zero Dark Thirty" (Block Block Chop)

Honestly, the only primary element missing from "Zero Dark Thirty" is pre-choreographed breaking [breakdancing]. But collaborators Aesop Rock, Coro, and Isaac Ravishankara really managed to do a pretty good job incorporating a few other Golden Age Hip-Hop elements: between that hard-hitting Boom-Bap rhythm, intricate lyrical pattern, and stop motion graffiti art backdrop. Comfortably seated on the ground, Aesop Rock laments about "brown grass both sides" and "sugar skulls in the rain," amongst other quote-ables. Coro simultaneously proceeds to paint and un-paint a series of beautiful/sinister graffiti pieces on the blank wall directly behind him.

While Skelethon (July 10th) is Aesop Rock's first solo release in nearly 5 years, he's remained far from silent during this "Lost Weekend" period... contributing to a wide array of side projects: Felt, The Uncluded, Hail Mary Mallon, Nike+iPod, 900 Bats, Jeremy Fish, etc. Skelethon was entirely self-produced by Aesop Rock and then re-mixed by Joey Raia; The proper follow-up to None Shall Pass (2007), Aesop Rock's new record is slated to feature guest contributions from Kimya Dawson, Hanni el Khatib, Rob Sonic, Grimace Federation, and Allyson Baker. Additional joint albums with Cage and Kimya Dawson are currently nearing completion and likely in the cards for 2012-13

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