Thursday, May 3, 2012

Freedom, That's What I Need Now: Cut Chemist & Blackbird - "Outro (Revisited)"

Cut Chemist has remained fairly quiet since parting ways with long-time Hip-Hop crew, Jurassic 5 (2006). Currently readying his first solo album in roughly 6 years - Die Cut, Cut Chemist apparently spent some time holed up in a jail cell semi-recently. Somewhat fittingly then, Lucas MacFadden's premier track back is a frantic-paced, Punk-inspired Hip-Hop DJ jam; For "Outro (Revisited)," Cut Chemist assembled a pretty solid pick-up band featuring members of The Mars Volta and Weapon of Choice, Deantoni Parks and Lonnie Marshall. Veteran underground MC, Blackbird steps in to handle vocal duties... Cut Chemist may still be best known for his legendary 7" record-scratching magnum opus with DJ Shadow: Brainfreeze, which has been heavily bootlegged since it's 1999 limited release.

While Die Cut is currently without a concrete release date, "Outro (Revisited)" was issued as a 12" single back on April 10th. The best interpretation that I can figure out for it's companion Corey Brandenstein-directed music video is a fugitive [Blackbird] being chased by bounty hunters scenario... but don't expect to see any "stylish" Dog The Bounty Hunter moves here. Cut Chemist and Demitri Parks relentlessly chase Blackbird through the city streets in a flatbed semi-truck, complete with functioning turntable/drumset. "It feels good to work with different people with different musical backgrounds to explore new musical boundaries," Cut Chemist recounted to Rolling Stone just last month. Additional release info concerning Die Cut should be expected from A Stable Sound within the next few weeks... stay tuned, my friends!

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