Thursday, August 23, 2012

London Bridge & a Buncha Other More Shit!: JJ DOOM - "Guv'nor" (Rizlab Project #4)

I wonder if [MF] DOOM ended up making an appearance @ The London Olympics a couple weeks ago... or could it have the fine doings of a skillfully-trained "DOOM-poster!?" Either way, DOOM has been living "across the pond" due to a scattered details exile since about 2010, which was when/where he originally linked up with Jneiro Jarel. KEY TO THE KUFFS is the resulting album that was slowly pieced together, recorded under the dual-moniker "JJ DOOM," and featuring guest verses from Damon Albarn, Khujo Goodie, Beth Gibbons, and Boston Fielder - members of Gorillaz, Goodie Mob, and Portishead aided fame (respectively).

DOOM is a very left-field, mysterious [prolific] kind of guy and KEY TO THE KUFFS really seems like a fitting album to be released in his 25th year as a performer! Ninian Doff directed the highly-Experimental, split-screen music video for "Guv'nor" as part of Rizlab Project #4, which was ultimately unveiled late Wed. afternoon; Let's face it, "Guv'nor"'s a pretty trippy affair and it's hard to tell, but it's made up of 2 mirror images the entire time... where DOOM ultimately "fades into himself" during the final scene. JJ DOOM's debut album, KEY TO THE KUFFS came out on CD just the other day on Lex Records/Stones Throw and the vinyl set'll be out by Sept. 18th.

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