Sunday, August 5, 2012

Vice Records Presents: British Kids Reviewing Black Flag - "TV Party" (Anti-Caterpillarism?)

I think I'd have to honestly say that Black Flag, Misfits, Minor Threat (Fugazi), and Beastie Boys were the first 3-4 1980's Hardcore bands that I really got into @ the tender [aggressive] age of like 15-16. Always having a few "cool" older cousins, Hardcore Punk was the first type of music that I really discovered on my own! While they're all pretty great in the own ways, Black Flag still remains one of my favoutite bands, all these years later... particularly Rollins era Black Flag, of course. They were so much more than just another Punk band - Seamlessly mixing in bits & pieces of spoken word poetry, Blues-Jazz, Sludge/Doom Metal, Rhythm & Blues, Prog. Rock, Breakbeat, Contemporary Classical (1970's), and intricate guitar solos.

Vice Records' music channel, noisey recently too a trip "across the pond" to play some tunes for a few young critics. My best guess is that most of these kids are roughly 6-12, all of whom have varying opinions after initially hearing Black Flag's seminal Damaged hit single, "TV Party" (1982); Their responses range from utterly silly to downright weird to pretty accurate. Most of my favourite responses come from this one kid who vaguely resembles early 80's Wolf-Man Henry Rollins ... "The naughtiest thing I've ever done is scooter away from my dad on my scooter" and recounting that he thinks that [Rollins] has a "face with slugs on it!?" Some additional topics include the ins and outs of moshing, shout/singing, Caterpillarism, Root BEER, and attempting to define "Punk."

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