Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Slacker Rap-Rock?: Himanshu & The Bunnymen - "Killing Time" (WILD WATER KINGDOM)

While it was just announced late yesterday afternoon, WILD WATER KINGDOM is quickly shaping up to be[come] his second mixtape of 2012, and Heems has already tapped a wide array of beat-makers for possible inclusion: Diplo, Le1f, Harry Fraud, Yorrissey, "@keyboardkid206, @beautifullou1, AND @MikeFinito." Making a pretty un-characteristically bold move, Yorrissey (BLKHRTS) decides to employ a tricky sample pulled from Shoegaze godfathers, Echo & The Bunnymen on "Killing Time." It sounds a lot like Donnie Darko from the get-go and after a re-purposed vocal fragment [hook] plays out, Heems comes in... rapping full-force about being bored? For all intensive purposes, "Killing Time" just might be the true genesis of Slacker Rap-Rock. Along with friend-producer Yorrissey, Heems somehow manages to find the middle ground between self-loathing 80's Indie Rock and Underground Hip-Hop.

Heems recently stated on Twitter that Beautiful Lou and Keyboard Kid will each produce a few mixtape joints, "RUNNING THRU THE JUNGLE WILL BE ON THERE BUT SO WILL ANOTHER SONG PROLLY ... Keyboard Kid blessed these Indian samples for Wild Water Kingdom. At least 3 joints on that." Fairly long-defunct mothergroup, Das Racist are currently prepping their sophomore LP for an expected 2013 release through a new partnership with Megaforce/Sony (Greedhead). But before then, each member seems to be planning some additional solo releases: Heems' WILD WATER KINGDOM, Kool A.D.'s 51 left-overs comp. "64," and hypeman Dapwell's long-rumored solo mixtape. Man, in closing... "Michael Jackson, $1 million. You feel me? Holler!"

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