Friday, August 24, 2012

Producers In 2012, Learn to Spread Love: Matthewdavid & The Mary Jane Girls? - FreEP (3)

A few things about Matthewdavid's new EP are almost instantly alarming "right off the bat:" (1.) That call-to-arms of a title - Producers In 2012 Learn to Spread Love EP! (2.) Submissive-looking Rick James flanked by 2 fucking 3-eyed tigers on the cover... vaguely reminiscent of a terribly AWESOME tattoo! (3.) The massive amount of "sound ground" that Matthewdavid somehow manages to cover over the course of 3 brief tracks: Soul, Dubstep, Chopped & Screwed, Hip-Hop, Pop, Dark R&B, etc. Matthewdavid's overall style is essentially an Ambient sort of Instrumental Hip-Hip, something largely popularized by guys like Clams Casino in recent years.

Matthewdavid [McQueen]'s lengthy-titled EP comes on the heels of his Brainfeeder debut, Outmind (Feb. 2012) which was released in conjunction with his own label imprint, Leaving Records. They successfully self-released Matthewdavid's most recent project, a mixtape called Jewelry EP; It features a bunch of remixes/flips of popular songs, including "Miss You" (Rolling Stones) ... much like "All Night Long," an uncanny Mary Jane Girls cover that kicks off Producers In 2012 Learn to Spread Love EP. I'd almost imagine that Matthewdavid has some sort of full-length up his sleeve and ready for imminent release, since Outmind [sample above] came out back in mid-2011.

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