Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jonwayne, Azizi Gibson, Jeremiah Jae, Quelle & Scoop DeVille - "Night School" (Posse Cut)

Shit man, the name John Wayne is almost instantly BADASS ... Even when it's missing the all-important word-separating space and "h" for extra emphasis, of course. Depending on who you ask, I guess it could be said that Jonwayne is kinda a Hip-Hop Cowboy; A rebel without a cause, and an un-worldly knack for producing a "darn tootin'" [perfect] beat! All the while, sharpening his Rap skills/chops, Jonwayne recently signed a deal with Stones Throw. Hard @ work compiling his debut LP for the Los Angeles -bred imprint, they've released a handful of FREE and re-packaged material over the past few months: Jonwayne F*cks Disney EP, Oodles of Doodles, This Is False (mixtape), a flexi-disc, and a $7.00 CASSETTE tape.

"Night School" was quietly mastered and uploaded to Jonwayne's personal Soundcloud page late July 30th, just a few days after Stones Throw outlined CASSETTE's rudimentary release. Wayne skillfully assembled a 5-man team of up-and-coming emcees/producers... Azizi Gibson, Jeremiah Jae, Quelle, Scoop DeVille, and Jonwayne himself. Hand-selected from a few different LA-based Hip-Hop collectives, who aren't exactly on "Pitchfork's speed-dial" [yet], these guys could easily out-Rap almost any seasoned posse in a battle! During his limited off-time while working with JJ DOOM, Jae somehow found time to design the "Night School" cover art in MS Paint. When it comes down to it, Jonwayne & Friends end up recording a GNARLY posse cut that could rival Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 in length (6:04).

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