Sunday, March 10, 2013

Gavin McInnes Presents: "HOW TO BE A MAN" - The Trailer (Coming to Netflix, 2014?)

For starters, I'm not entirely sure if How to Be a Man is an upcoming movie or a 3-minute short film; But regardless, this is gonna be fucking awesome! VICE co-founder Gavin McInnes currently runs his own Hipster fashion-ragging site, Street Boners & TV Carnage, frequently appears as a wildcard guest on Red Eye, he just penned How to Piss In Public (Simon & Schuster), and now he's produced his own mid-life crisis/death wish film. Fox Studios somehow greenlit and funded How to Be a Man, which finds McInnes' character Mark coping with the harsh reality of [almost] certain death by "man-boob cancer." He then hires an amateur cameraman named Bryan (Liam Aiken) to document grizzly, yet important life lessons to eventually show to his unborn son. Let's just say that it looks like a crazy/awesome trip through the DOs and DON'Ts of sex, drugs & Rock "N" Roll... Gavin McInnes supposedly wrote it's script in 3 short days, shot it over 12, and edited each day's shots @ night to have it ready in 15 days just in time for Sundance. Director Chadd Harbold finished filming How to Be a Man around Oct. 2012, which was then earnestly shopped around to various film festivals that were instead "looking for a heart-warming tale of a blind Cherokee lesbian in a wheelchair who learns how to dance using her heart and her cat." Needless to say, it'll soon see a limited release followed by a 2014 Netflix re-release.

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