Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Scott Cudmore Presents: METZ - "Wasted" (Glamour Shots from Hell?)

I guess since most Hardcore/Post-Punk bands play righteous live shows nearly 1/2-all year 'round, might be the reason why they usually make weird, abstract music videos. Toronto's very own METZ recently teamed up with director Scott Cudmore to create the slightly disturbing, alternate reality that is "Wasted." It's a pretty fucked up ride through a creepy 90's mall-style photo-portrait studio, like where teenie boppers get glamour shots done. We're talkin' about some downright deranged and uncomfortably "seedy"-looking characters: a wonky-eyed/balloon-covered couple, milk-chugging goths, a family with babyface killah son, in-expert swordsmen, strangely unfazed bloody people, etc. Sonically, "Wasted" sounds kinda like a sludge-filled mash-up between Nirvana and The Jesus Lizard, being brutally beaten with rhythmic sledgehammers, and recorded in an abandoned barn by co-producers Graham Walsh and Alexandre Bonenfant ha. Alex Edkins, Hayden Menzies & Chris Slorach [collectively K.A. METZ] are currently prepping for a MASSIVE 4+ month-long tour (March 5-August 6th) across countless American/English providences in support of their self-titled Sub Pop debut LP.

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