Monday, March 18, 2013

Your Worst PR Nightmare: Dope Body - "Leather Head" (Saturday 45, Drag City)

It's pretty damn AMAZING that Dope Body are prepping their sixth EP-LP release, considering the sheer fact that the band was initially assembled for a one-off gig @ Baltimore's Natural History museum (2008). Drag City will unleash Saturday 7" tomorrow, March 19th; It's positioned to out-sell Justin Timberlake's return to form, The 20/20 Experience ha. Serving as a quasi-follow-up to last year's Natural History, "Leather Head" was plucked straight off Saturday (Side A). Four horsemen Andrew Laumann, David Jacober, Zachary "Zeke" Utz, and new bassist John Jones star in "Leather Head"'s stark black-and-white music video. Director Sheena Callage did her best to harness the band's righteous Black Flag meets Rage Against The Machine Hardcore/Noise-Rock vibe. Callage managed to create a very simple, yet highly effective treatment: Dope Body rockin' out in an empty performance space inter-spliced with face-morphing footage that vaguely resembles the Natural History cover. Nearing "Leather Head"'s final moments, frontman Andrew Laumann repeatedly mumbles the curious refrain, "Could've been anybody [nobody]" ... and it's also worth noting David Jacober's Neil Peart status drumwork from around 2:45 until it's final reverb-soaked, tweaked out notes.

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