Monday, March 25, 2013

Stampede of The Disco Elephants: Limp Bizkit & Lil' Wayne - "Ready to Go" (Cash Money)

Anyone remember a period in time... oh, maybe 10-12 years ago when guys like Lil' Wayne & Fred Durst were still socially relevant and putting out 1/2 decent music? The most interesting thing that Lil' Wayne's done in recent memory was going into a spurt of codeine-induced seizures (allegedly) and Limp Bizkit signed to his label, Cash Money around this time last year, supposedly broke up, and re-formed since. Needless to say, a Limp Bizkit/Wayne collabo would've likely sounded pretty AWESOME, had it been released between Chocolate Starfish & The Hot Dog Flavored Water and Tha Carter III (2000-08). But as rough as I've made this track sound so far, if Lil' Wayne's still going for that whole slightly dated sleaze-soaked Rap-Rock vibe, Limp Bizkit's probably your go-to band of knuckleheads. "Ready to Go" has been in-the-works for the larger part of a year, since initially inking a deal with Cash Money, and was finally unleashed this past weekend.

It's nothing particularly Earth-shattering, in-depth, or insightful; But even if you're a casual fan of either artist, I'd say this one's worth checking out... for @ least 2-3 of "Ready to Go"'s 6-minute runtime. Fred Durst somehow manages to slam everyone from Lady GaGa to rumored ex-fling Britney Spears [in one breath] over a hard-hitting Polow Da Don-produced beat: "Back it's the motherfucking Rock God / I'm so poker-faced, ladies going Ga-Ga... The one to have Britney drop it to her knees (OOOOOOOH!) / Bitch, get at me if that ass is like Jessica Biel's!" Limp Bizkit are currently writing/recording their Cash Money debut along with long-time producer Ross Robinson that's tentatively titled Stampede of The Disco Elephants, which is the follow-up to their recent "comeback album" Gold Cobra (2011). While a solid release date has yet to be determined, I am Not a Human Being II drops tomorrow, March 26th. Limp Bizkit & Lil' Wayne are planning to head out on 2 separate but concurrent tours, an untitled tour running from April 25-June 16th and "America's Most Wanted Music Festival" with T.I. & Future.

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