Saturday, March 16, 2013

Justin Timberlake & The Tennessee Kids - "Like I Love You/My Love/Cry Me a River" (Señorita)

Before jet-setting off to SXSW March 15-16th for a secret showcase with ?uestlove & RJD2, Justin Timberlake stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for Night 5 of what's being dubbed, #JustinTimberWeek. Ramping up the long-awaited release of The 20/20 Experience this upcoming Tuesday, March 19th, Timberlake decided to string together a medley of greatest hits for the last performance of his week-long stay @ Late Night: "Like I Love You/My Love/Cry Me a River" and "Señorita." Joined on-stage by his 10-piece band, The Tennessee Kids, Justin Timberlake launched into a slow-building acoustic/electric performance that ended up lasting almost 11 sweltering minutes! Anybody else notice that saucy-looking Spanish or white chick singing back-up and cuttin' a rug!? "It feels like something's heating up, can I leave with you?" is what I'd like to holla @ a beautiful girl like that... to which she'd likely reply, "I don't know but I'm thinking 'bout, really leaving with you" (in an ideal, non-existent world ha).

Justin Timberlake smoothly inter-wove fragments of 2 modern Hip-Hop tracks, "Bandz a Make Her Dance" and "Niggas In Paris" into "Cry Me a River," for savvy Hip-Hopheads. It's pretty damn AMAZING that songs dating as far back as 2002 can still sound this relevant and fresh, especially after a 6+ year-long hiatus. A shortlisted rundown of the week's most memorable events might include: a Michael MacDonald skit-duet, a bracefaced cover of "Africa" The Roots-assisted "Let The Groove Get In," "The History of Rap"'s 25-track resurgence (Part 4), bookended by 2 semi-revealing interviews, a trove of unreleased new album cuts, and a barber shop quartet. Kinda makes me wish I'd bought tickets to Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z's upcoming "Legends of Summer" [baseball] stadium tour. It's also worth mentioning that over the course of the last week or 2, nearly everyone from Four Tet to The Hood Internet (above) have crafted up original "Suit & Tie" remixes.

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