Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ryan Adams Presents: Pornography - "Last Nite at The Opera" (7 Minutes In Heaven)

It all started when my older cuz Josh burned me a stack of CD-R's full of pirated music; I couldn't really tell you what was in there... But probably some Beastie Boys, mid-90's Ska, Dave Matthews Band, Phish, mash-ups, and Ryan Adams - "To Be Young (Is to Be Sad, Is to Be High)." It's a self-loathing Alt. Country romper pulled from Adam's solo debut, Heartbreaker (2000), which was later featured in Accepted and Old School. Ryan Adams' abridged discography includes about 13 albums and he's recorded [and vaulted] records-full of everything from Death Metal to Hip-Hop and unreleased Vampire Weekend/The Strokes covers CD-R's. Judd Apatow's latest film, This Is 40 showcases a specially-formed Ryan Adams Band along with keyboardist Ian McLagan (The Faces) who performed during it's final scenes. Ryan Adams even contributed re-recorded live tracks for inclusion on it's soundtrack, "Lucky Now" and "Shine Through The Dark."

Ryan Adams' latest band, Pornography seems to have been formed sometime between 2002-12, but just revealed their sheer presence this past March. "Ryan Adams & Johnny T. Yerington, whose [past work] includes drumming and co-writing credits on the former's 2003 album Rock "N" Roll, had a chance encounter with Leah Hennessey at her (sort of) workplace that quickly led to her unknowingly auditioning for their band, The Finger. By the close of a 2-hour session that went incredibly well, it was decided this would be a new band entirely -- one she then named Pornography. The three of them were well on their way to writing and recording 7 Minutes In Heaven and another EP and album's-worth of material," a press release explained. Pornography have pressed up a limited run of 7 Minutes In Heaven 45's for this year's sixth annual Record Store Day festivities, April 20th @ a record store near you. Ryan Adams' other un-named band are playing a round of LIVE shows and are rumored to be prepping a batch of material for a 2013 release.

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