Friday, March 22, 2013

Shock Me, Shock Me: Death Grips - "Lock your doors" (NoHands 6)_DXDG

Last week, Death Grips uploaded 5 minute-long semi-cryptic clips dubbed "No Hands" (Parts 1-5), which I hesitated on posting because I kinda figured there'd be more info revealed shortly. Sure enough, by mid-Wednesday afternoon, Death Grips had uploaded the next installment of their video series, "Lock your doors" (NoHands 6). Drummer/band leaded Zach Hill further elaborated in a short [yet effective] statement, "They are a series of videos related to our recent first-person performance @ SXSW 2013, DXDG. "Lock your doors" (NoHands 6), which drops today is the summarization of the concept and project.. It could keep going.. NoHands is in reference to the head perspective-oriented filming.." It's culled from footage filmed @ the band's recent SXXW (or DXDG) show @ Boiler Room, which may or may not have used Google Glass technology or some sort of face-mounted goggle-cams. The live audio and crowd-sourced rumblings have been subsequently re-mixed/mastered against Death Grips' righteous NO LOVE DEEP WEB studio tracks.

Keep in mind that just last year: The self-proclaimed "non-commercial" Noise-Punk/Hip-Hop band signed an ill-fated major label deal with Epic Records and quite hastily, promised 2 full-lengths by year's end. Once the relationship with label exec. and X-Factor judge, L.A. Reid started to sour... engineer Andy "Flatlander" Morin quit the band, private emails were leaked online, and Death Grips ultimately self-released NO LOVE DEEP WEB complete with dick pic cover art. Needless to say, Epic soon dropped Death Grips as Nov. 1, 2012 approached and they've remained relatively quiet ever since. "Come up and get me," a largely silent short film was captured @ the band's make-shift Chateu Marmont headquarters where they finished up and eventually leaked NO LOVE DEEP WEB; Death Grips unleashed the 13-minute black-and-white clip @ the brink of 2013, after almost 2 months-worth of complete media silence. Who knows if MC Ride & Zach Hill will ever do business with a major label again or better yet, how they'll manage to shock and appall the world next!

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