Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Life Is Passion Presents: Mr. Muthaf*ckin' eXquire - "Kismet" (cosmic-tape, 2013 A.D.)

Ladies and gentlemen of The Internet, it looks like The Grand Mufti AKA Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire has risen from the ashes and is finally back with a BRAND NEW 16-track mixtape, Kismet; For all intensive purposes, it's eXquire's first project since his critically-acclaimed debut, Lost In Translation (2011) and only his second release for Universal Records (since no one really had a chance to score a copy of The Man In The High Castle). Mr. MFN eXquire definitely brought in some added muscle for Kismet, recruiting a few of his highly-skilled rapping friends like Danny Brown, Nacho Picasso, Flatbush Zombies [all on one single track], Goldie Glo, and Gorgeous Black. Kismet seems to represent a certain level of personal and spiritual growth for eXquire, who recently took a break from the world of Hip-Hop to tend to his ailing mother and in turn, got sober cold turkey. VICE-employed writer Drew Millard laments that "this is not the same dude you'd associate with that one song about drunk driving on a Wednesday. That's the thing, though. He's not that guy at all."

"Kismet means fate or Destiny... I have a propensity for Hindi-like things such as Himanshu, Ganesha, and Curry Goat (so ignanat I know) I love everyone. Someone told me that I changed, so I didn't listen... #Passion" as haphazardly self-defined by Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire in a fairly prolific attached text file, AKA modern-day liner notes. Whether it was all approved by Universal or not, Kismet was preceded by a pretty solid roll-out initiative: "Medicine for Nightmares," an 11-minute short film/mixtape preview recorded @ SXSW, impressive B-sides "Draped In Gold" and "Fat Fool," "Nightfall at The Thames," which dually serves as the music video for both "Noble Drew Ali/The Cauldron," and a gaggle of interesting semi-revealing interviews. Production-wise, Kismet features hard-hitting beats from Mr. MFN eXquire's in-house producers CONSTROBUZ and The MFK, as well as re-hashed beats from Georgia Anne Muldrow and Soul-brother Curtis Mayfield. The EXCELLENTLY-titled "Orbz AKA Some Wise Quote Drake Never Said" somehow manages to diss Drake and Obama, kinda interpolate "Swimming Pools" (Drank), and sample some random 1981 "Frank Zappa on schools" TV interview all in one fall swoop!

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