Sunday, June 30, 2013

Matangi, Indie Hip-Hop Chinese Democracy: M.I.A. - "Bring The Noize" (Interscope?)

Matangi is slowly but surely becoming the Chinese Democracy of Indie Hip-Hop; Initially delayed from December 2012 to January to April 15th and then seemingly shelved due to what they're calling an excess of positivity ha. M.I.A. was supposedly told by her label, Interscope that "[she needed] to darken it up a bit" (Gold Coast). "Bring The Noize," sadly no relation to the similarly-named Public Enemy/Anthrax track, is M.I.A.'s first proper single since earning a Grammy nomination with "Bad Girls" (2012), which will most likely end up re-appearing on Matangi. It's companion music video casts M.I.A. as a slightly more ethnic-looking hot pink-haired "Barbie Girl" who anymore, I think sounds a lot like Die Antwoord's sharp-tongued frontwoman, Yo-Landi Vi$$er. Based off it's opening scenes, "Bring The Noize" kinda looks like one of those now infamous early 2000's P. Diddy-orchestrated all-white-everything parties.

M.I.A.'s festivities however resemble an access-only underground London rave inter-spliced with footage of various action shots, a mysterious "healing" dry ice smoke, and scenes of a gorgeous-looking, pink-haired M.I.A. ferociously spitting rhymes. You might have also noticed a few strange gold-plated scenes towards the end, which M.I.A. has since expanded upon since "Bring The Noize"'s initial release with a secondary "Matangi Gold Edition" music video. Matangi is rumored to feature production work from former-G.O.O.D. Music beatsmith Hit-Boy, So Japan, Danja, Switch, and Surkin, amongst others; The album still lacks a solid release date, but let's hope that the combined online success of "Bad Girls" and "Bring The Noize" prompts Interscope to finally unleash Matangi into the world!

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