Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sub Pop & Gaucho's Electronics Present: No Age - "C'mon Stimmung" (not the video)

It's pretty safe to say that No Age have effectively re-defined the all too commonly-used phrases "make a record" and "do-it-yourself." Dean Spunt & Randy Randall have written, produced, performed, recorded, and even manufactured their upcoming fourth album, An Object. No Age physically manufactured, prepared, and assembled 5,000 LP's and 5,000 CD's along with Grammy-nominated designer/close friend Brian Roettinger; long-time collaborator Facundo Bermudez also lent a hand during the record's production [music] phase, too. No Age's lengthy discography includes a lot of fuzzed out weird, slightly fucked up-sounding Art-Punk EP's and whatnot, which were quietly released across a number of small label imprints: Sub Pop, FatCat Records, Teenage Teardrops, Youth Attack, Upset! The Rhythm, Deathbomb Arc, Soundscreen Design, Spunt's own Post Present Medium (PPM) somewhere in-between 2007-12.

Roughly 2 months ahead of it's planned August 19-20th release, Sub Pop unveiled "C'mon Stimmung" Wednesday afternoon and it's uncharacteristically No Age-less sounding. While it's really just a feedback-drenched "ragged, anthemic Punk banger," veteran wordsmith and former disgruntled youth Tom Breihan further describes "C'mon Stimmung" as "one of the most straight-forward and mosh-able songs [No Age has] ever recorded!" It's still unclear @ this point in time which piece(s) of possible artwork match up with each assorted format... I've seen 3 different images floating around: a vibrant orange and green An Object cover, an image of Dean Spunt & Randy Randall with song titles behind them, and orange or green "press box" promos sent out to a few major blogs. No Age have planned a very long and expansive American/European tour behind An Object, frantically running from June 19-Oct 24th (excluding July dates).

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